In our tutorial, we will show you “How to Create Simple Menu Magento 2″ with Magento 2 Mega Menu of Landofcoder.

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With our Mega Menu, you can create menu easily with Drag n Drop Menu, Colorful Menu Design, Menu Icon, Menu Lable, etc.

To Create Simple Menu Magento 2, you have to follow 4 below steps:

  • Add New Menu
  • Drag n Drop Menu Vertical & Horizontal Editor
  • Design Option
  • Clear Cache System

Note: After each editor or any change, you should click “Update” button to save current information. Because if not, your change may be lost.

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1. Add New Menu

Venustheme -> Add New Menu -> Fill General Settings:

Then “Save Menu”

2. Edit Simple Menu Magento 2 Editor
There are 2 ways: Menu Horizontal & Vertical Menu. Specially, Drag n Drop Menu in Magento 2 Mega menu will help your installation easier.

2.1 Powerful Drag n Drop Magento 2 Menu Features:
Just a second! You can change the order of menu by Dragging n Dropping Menu

2.2 Add Magento 2 Menu Horizontal
Click Add Menu Item -> Click Edit Icon -> At General Information: Edit name -> Click Update

2.3 Add Magento 2 Menu Vertical
Choose Vertical Menu:

Click “Append New Item” -> To create submenu

After that: Click “Edit” button -> Edit General Information Menu: Name, Category, etc

Here you can Drag n Drop to reorder position of menu:

3. Design Menu Options:
Design Menu Option is one of steps to create simple menu Magento 2. Here you can edit menu style with Width, Border Color, Border Style, Background, Fontside


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