Brand new extension from ITORIS INC. Please welcome, the all unique Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension! The Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2 will allow your customers to filter products by multiple attributes, color swatches, and categories at the same time. Expand and collapse attributes, enable the price slider, generate URLs including all chosen attributes and speed up filtering via the built-in AJAX.

Below is the list of features our extension has:

Layered Navigation on category pages and search results;
Select multiple attributes at the same time;
Filter products by Categories;
Full support of image and color swatches;
Price slider and "from-to" input boxes;
Expand and collapse multiple sections at once;
Display the advanced product count in brackets for each attribute value;
All chosen attributes are added to URL and can be copied;
Fully responsive design for tablets and mobile devices.

Are your customers looking for specific headphones, but limited by choosing one attribute? How to let customers get more relevant results? The Layered Navigation extension improves this Magento 2 functionality and allows users to filter products by selecting multiple attribute values per section, using the price selector, expanding multiple attributes, or sharing URLs that include all chosen attribute values with friends.
Select Multiple Attribute Values

Would you like to find and compare jeans of different sizes and styles without repeating actions per each attribute? Select multiple attribute values in bulk displaying more products on any catalog and search results pages. Make the search process fast and smooth using the built-in AJAX. Now the extension refreshes the results without reloading the page. Shopping will become even easier for customers.
Magento 2 Layered Navigation with Multiple Attribute Selection

Enable the Price Slider

Let customers choose the price range that will be suitable for them. After the extension is enabled, the block as a slider appears on frontend automatically. Your customers can choose the price range by moving the slider or entering necessary values in the "From-To" input boxes. If you disable the price slider, the extension will allow to choose multiple price intervals in bulk. All chosen price attributes will be added to the URL, which can be copied and sent to third parties.
Magento 2 Layered Navigation with Improved Price Slider

Image Swatches and Product Count

The extension supports the image swatches allowing to change the base images after the certain color is chosen. You can also improve the product count, which shows the number of available products next to the value. The plugin allows users to see the product count by showing the number of products to be added to the result.

Magento 2 Layered Navigation with Color Swatches

For example, if you choose style "Jacket (12)", twelve products will be shown in the result. Other attribute values will be shown as {attribute value} +{a number of products} or Pullover (+6). After you select this style, the following count will be as "Pullover (10)". Your customers will get four products, which share the same styles.

URLs and Mobile Optimization

After customers choose necessary attributes, the extension displays the selected values in the URL. Such functionality allows users to copy the link and share with family and friends. The plugin is totally optimized for mobile devices making the search process smoother and faster.

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