Knowband offers Magento eBay integration extension to the Magento store owners for expanding their customers base. The store integration provided by eBay Magento integration module allows the admin to maximize their sale. The Magento eBay API integrator allows the store admin to tap the huge opportunity that the marketplace has in store for you.

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With automatic synchronization of inventory, product details and price, the Magento eBay Integration plugin allows the store admin to sell their products on with least effort. The automated approach and cron jobs offered by Magento eBay integrator reduces the time and effort of the store admin.

Admin features offered by Magento eBay API integration extension:

  1. The eBay Magento API integrator integrator the site with the marketplace just by clicking a few button.
  2. Profile-based product upload of the Magento eBay connector helps you list the products in bulk on the marketplace.
  3. Even the category and product attributes can be mapped with ease with the help of profile-based listing of eBay Magento connector.
  4. The admin can keep the inventory up-to-date by making changes in the profiles of the Magento eBay integrator.
  5. With the help of Magento eBay integration module, the admin can add shipping methods, both for domestic and international shipment.
  6. These shipping methods can be mapped from Magento to eBay with the help of Magento eBay synchronization extension.
  7. The Magento eBay Integration plugin allows the sellers to sync the marketplace orders from the and maps them with Magento store’s orders. Hence, these orders can be processed like any any order received from the site.
  8. The order acknowledgment and status change is reflected in the marketplace by executing cron in eBay Magento Integrator.
  9. The number of cron jobs incorporated in the eBay Magento connector automates the process of inventory, price as well as order management.
  10. The Magento eBay integration plugin even allows the admin to the errors in executing any of the task with ease.
  11. The already listed products can be removed or relisted with ease from the back-end of the eBay Magento integration plugin.
  12. The Magento eBay integration extension comes with a free 3 months customer support.

For eBay Magento Integration Extension User Manual Link, click here.

For Magento eBay Integrator Admin Demo, click here.

For more Magento extensions, visit Knowband. Contact us at [email protected] for any query or custom change request as per your business requirement.

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