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Auction is quite well-known Marketing concept in the Marketplace, which strongly accelerate over the world. There are a lot of successful websites with their auction page such as Ebay, Amazon, etc. Accordingly, it becomes a trend tool marketing and well-suited for both online Store and traditional marketplace. As a result, store owners and customers can gain profits as well.

For a marketplace, the competition among a powerful sellers are fierce. Then a raised difficult question is how improve both profits for sellers, store owners, promote site but not affects customers rights. Because price is very reasonable with real value. It is set not overprice and underprice. So real value will be determined by seller and customers. Auction will be your perfect choice for your market.

With our Marketplace Auction for Magento 2, you can get full permission for Auction. To specify, an attractive Auction Page is created with eye-catching Countdown timer with detail start date/time. Ease to create and submit bid, friendly user interface with concrete auction information, automatically update bid rapid ensure a fair competition in real market among customers.

This is a plugin of Magento 2 Marketplace Extension. To use this module smoothly, you must install Magento 2 Marketplace Module first.

Full Magento 2 Marketplace Auction Plugin Feature

  • Accelerate Sale
  • Attractive Customers View
  • Excellent SEO
  • Competitive Marketplace
  • Various Auctions Supported
  • Unlimited Auctions for Products
  • All Product Types Supports
  • Import Auction CSV
  • Easily Set Feature Auction for Products
  • Rule Auction
  • Reserve Auction
  • Automatic Auction
  • Set Incremental Auction
  • Enable/disable Send Email to remind Bidder when other people bid higher
  • Enable Message for Outbid, Winner Bids
  • Send Email Notification for Winner
  • Set the period Time to Allow Winner Purchase
  • Set Date/time Start/end this Auction
  • Allow Purchase without Bid Auction
  • Unlimited Customized Message
  • Customize Email Notification
  • Powerful Auction Management
  • Edit Auction for Product
  • Get Notification for New Bid
  • Friendly Seller Auction Management
  • Easy to Get Auction Information
  • Multiple Time Bids
  • Check Bid Detail
  • Purchase Products with Winning Bid
  • Ease to Follow Auction Campaign

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