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Magento 2 One Step Checkout PRO | Speed up 1 One Page Checkout with 75% Faster

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    Default Magento 2 One Step Checkout PRO | Speed up 1 One Page Checkout with 75% Faster

    Magento Extension | Magento 2.x Extension

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    Have you headache about your Magento 2 Store with lower speed and high abandon rate at your store checkout Page? Our Magento 2 One Step Checkout PRO Extension is a exactly solution for you. It supports efficiently to speed up checkout page with social login, ajax-update attributes, quantity, auto-detect account address, locator, store pickup, flat design, etc. Customers can feel more satisfied and the rate of successful purchase increase dramatically.

    And our One Step Checkout Pro is best ideal for your store. This perfect extension is super cost-saving & time saving effectively. Because all checkout steps are well-optimized & collected in only one page on whole your checkout process without leaving the current page and move to another page. So the checkout will be speed up with fast load & better customers shopping experience on store, followed by a reduction the ratio of abandoned rate significantly. As a result, your sale accelerates amazingly.

    For Magento 2 Enterprise Version, checkout at Magento 2 EE One Step Check Out Extension

    Why Choose Our Magento 2 One Page Checkout Pro

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    More Outstanding Features

    Attractive, Neat, Clean Interface
    Already designed in an attractive, beautiful, neat & clean interface in white background in One Step Checkout Page, customers will have the best chance to increase their emotion on store with the highest satisfaction level
    Attachment 12405

    Amazing High Speed Checkout Step
    Well-optimized & clean code & deep customers insight improvement are our main factors which our Magento 2 One Step Checkout focus on.
    Attachment 12407

    Effective Time-Saving & Cost Saving
    Don't waste time anymore to waiting checkout loading or move to another page to checkout for your shopping in only one page. Moreover, multiple automatic functions & social login lets you save both time & cost amazingly.
    Attachment 12408

    Incredibly Decrease Abandon Rate
    More value functions, better UI & UX on this One Step Checkout, it will be decrease the ratio of abandoned rate amazingly. So your sale can be boosted significantly & raise more satisfaction & professional on customers.

    Mobile-friendly Optimized Checkout Page Design
    In order to make the best customers experience on any screens size, this Magento 2 One Step Check Out Extension let customers check out on on different devices such as Laptop, Desktop, Mac Book, etc. Special on Mobile. Wherever they are, they can checkout their shoping at ease.

    Fast Login by Social Login Support
    No longer to fill your personal information in each checkout on shopping, this perfect One Step Checkout allows you checkout by your available Google Account, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc to push your check out more quickly and raise more the professional on your store.

    Auto-detect Customers Account with GEO IP Support
    By support of GEO IP in this powerful Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension, customers account: Email, address and country will be detected automatically and auto-fill on checkout page. Accordingly, their checkout will be saved maximum.

    Auto-fill Google Address Suggestion
    Smart suggestion by list dropdown Google Address suggestion relevant their typing the first characters. And with “find me” button let system find your address and fill according field.

    Helpful Order Delivery Option
    For their order, customers can choose their shipping method with delivery date and optional field comment. By that way, they can make sure their address and reduce any misunderstanding in shipping information.

    Popover Terms & Conditions
    In e-commerce shop, terms & conditions are very crucial. It makes sure any agreements between you and your customers before checking out, they can see and read carefully with instant popup Terms & Conditions about product. It will be displayed with auto-marked or manual-ticked by admin settings.

    Wonderful Gift Order
    If you want to send all your order with gifts wrap attachment to your friend, you can do it with our One Step Check Out Pro. By perfect configuration in admin, customers can insert all your information, receiver information, messages to them. And surely your friendly are very surprised & happy about this

    Handy Dedicate Order Comment
    To improve your product in the best customers desire, customers can add their comment related products for requirement or desire.

    Exciting Gift Items
    This One Step Checkout Pro Extension allows to send entire items or all orders to your beloved friend with this order by tapping on the icon of Gift to add your messages you want to send.

    Auto-update Ajax Shopping cart Product Quantity
    By supporting of Ajax, after changing the quantity, delete orr add items in order, you can get the changes instantly on Checkout Page. It is the best way to make their checkout fluently & quickly.

    Easily Changing Billing Section Position
    When you want to change the billing address position, you can set the priority to shipping method & payment method information.

    Powerful Customized Tools: Text, Icon, and Color
    No code touching! By configuration at the backend, you can change style Text, Icon & Color at ease to make the best impression on customers first view.

    Customize Address Fields at Ease
    If there any changes about location, you can enable/disable address fields following your expectation. This Magento 2 One Step Check out Pro allows to Show/ Hide/ Rearrange Address Fields or even simply enable preferred fields and set the position for them by 1 Click.

    1 Click to Enable/Disable Backstore
    Just take a second, customers can go back to store easily by Admin setting. It is an amazing & helpful features. Customers can save their time on shopping interestingly

    Instantly One Checkout Page
    Logical ideal & better UX with necessary function for Shipping Address, Shipping Method, Order Summary,etc, Magento 2 One Step Checkout is. It is friendly and ease to use. Plus, when they add product to cart and checkout page automatically redirect on 1 page.

    Quickly Set Desired Delivery Date
    Customers can insert their desired date & time at the checkout page. It is super convenient and simple usage with our favorite Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension

    Various Styles & Layouts Support
    In this Magento 2 Extension for Checkout, it supports multiple styles & layouts for your choices. You can freely to choose 3 page layout: 3 columns, 2 columns, style 1, style 2, which is presented your store in the best way.

    Different Skins Support
    In Magento 2 One Step Checkout allows to choose any New & Optimized unlimited pallets to make it suitable your current store. It comes with the best UI/ UX layout with both Material design and Flat UI, along with 3-column checkout page.

    Eye-catchy “Place order” Button Display
    With special color, easy accessible button on Checkout Page, it allows customers can place their order anytime they want. So your sale increases drastically.

    Incredibly Remove/Edit Items
    Whenever you don't get rid off product on check out cart, you can do it it is easy for customers to remove any products that they don’t feel interested any more. Just only clicking into the “trash bin icon” or change in the box of quantity, all actions to remove or edit purchased items can be done quickly.

    Apply Coupon At Ease
    Discount code is one of the best promotional offers which boost your sale & attract more interest on customers. This Magento 2 Extension allows to apply coupon code on checkout page directly as a present to send customers.

    Multiple Shipping & Payment Method
    Available multiple shipping & International payment gateway such as Paypal, Paymentwall, etc. It is also easy to configure to setting for shipping in the backend.

    Able to Enable/ Disable Redundant Fields
    Not all of functions you will apply for store. Depend on your store field, if there is any function in this extension, you (don’t ) want to public on frontend, you can click at Enable/Disable redundant field on the checkout page to get more suitable with your services & brand.

    Useful Newsletter Settings
    Keep in touch with customers is necessary requirement for any store. By 1-click to enable/disable the setting to add a newsletter subscription component to the final step of the checkout.

    Attractive Promotional Coupon Code & Gift Wraps Operation
    Super quick with 1-click to active/inactive Coupon code or gifts Options to public them on make the Checkout page to better your service you want.

    Ajax Update Options, Shopping Cart Attributes
    This perfect Magento 2 One Step Checkout supports both ajax-update quantity, options, attributes. All things will be updated fast & exactly.

    Well-Organized Configuration
    User-friendly and well-organized configuration system is one of the most popular key help admin take full control in this modern extension. So by that way, you can save time & cost so much.

    Well-suitable with All Custom Magento 2 Themes
    This Magento 2 One Step Check Out Extension run fluently on any Magento 2 Themes. For examples: Porto Theme, Ultimo Theme, Ves Evolution, Flipcart, Ves Global, Ves Bishop, Ves Flashshop, Ves Owenstore,.
    Well-suitable with All Custom Magento 2 Themes

    Fluently Work With 3rd-party Extension
    Totally high comfortable & satisfied with 99% on the third extensions such as Shipping/payment providers, loyalty extensions, credit module, or themes, our One Step Check Out in Magento 2 Extension is well-compatible with the most prevalent third-party extension

    Value Free Installation Service (Save $55)
    In order to better our service & ensure it works perfectly on your store, we offer Free Installation Service (saving $55) to enrich our service. It is not only time-saving & cost-saving. Please kindly send us your installation request to We will help you install immediately in only few seconds!

    Dedicate Custom Work Services
    You are tired or under-pressure with the CSS style or customize any function to meet correctly your desired, don’t worry about this. Let us know via our Custom Work Services:

    Free Cost: Used for simple & less time-consuming custom
    $15/hour cost: Used for complex & time-wasting custom

    Powerful Customer Attributes Management
    Allows to define new customer address attributes, and show them into checkout page when register new customer with new billing address.

    Store Pickup
    With Store Pickup support, Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension lets customers buy items online and pick them up in a store. They can avoid shipping and scheduled delivery charges — and they may be able to get your order faster.

    Equipped Flat Design
    With Flat Style Design Style in beautiful Magento 2 Extension, you can decorate your store in both beautiful and charming. Furthermore, thanks to being a lots of added embellishments, it can be a clean and simple way to communicate a message or promote a product or idea to your customers.

    Easily Customize Fields
    It is available to change position of different fields, add new fields and do other activities in your store to make it most convenient in Pro Version

    Strong Compatible with Landofcoder Magento 2 Social Login Extension
    With the strong compatible with Magento 2 Social Login Extension, you can feel free to login account by numerous social network instead of manually filling account information.

    Carefully Tracking Abandoned Rate and Login Account
    Let you keep track of abandoned checkout & all login address. That can benefit for you to consult, motivate customers to purchase products & send email to all the potential customers on different occasion

    Amazing Search & Direct Pickup Product
    Instead of visiting lots of tabs to search for product and then coming back to the checkout page to add to cart, One Step Checkout Pro provides you best interface that can help you do all those steps in only one page.

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    Thank you for sharing. I also want to share another Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension which provides better checkout experience for customers.
    - Faster checkout in one page only
    - Supports GEO IP to auto detect customer location and prefill in the shipping address
    - Support Google suggest to autocomplete shipping address
    - Auto update information when related ones change
    - Allow customers to select delivery dates and times, leave order comment, gift messages and subscribe newsletter
    - Customize checkout page easily

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