OpenCart Payeezy First Data GGe4 Module
facilitates the merchant to capture and refund the payments from the customer for any transaction happened using Firstdata GGe4 payment module as a vision of providing high value to their customers. This module integrates with the OpenCart eCommerce Software and enables buyers to use First Data GGe4 payment module to complete transaction, where the customer is given with an easy payment solution and fast option to get the refund. Administrator or merchants can manage the payments using their admin panel, the transaction happened will be monitored using this admin panel where the transaction method will be configured, the capture and refund option will have the major actions for each type of payments.


Enables merchants to configure the payment methods.
The administrator can select their transaction method by ‘sale’ or ‘Authorize only’.
The administrator can easily capture the transaction.
The administrator can easily refund the transaction.
The administrator will have every transactions updated on Firstdata Control Panel.
The user can complete the order by using credit card details in the website itself.

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