The Magento Spin and Win extension by Knowband allows the eCommerce admin display the interactive gamified pop up on the website. Here the customer can enter the email address in the pop-up and clicks the “Try your luck” button, then the interactive giveaway pop up provides a jackpot or bargain to the customers. That motivates the customer to make checkout for redeeming the coupon.

It works on Magento as well as any other platform and has the following triggers for both mobile and desktop:

Exit-intent: When a visitor tries to leave or close the tab(by tracking mouse movements and scrolling behavior on mobile devices) the display Spin wheel pop up. The admin can manage the settings from the admin interface of Magento Spin and Win extension.

Entry Pop up: Spin wheel display your website when the customer enters the website the required settings managed in the admin panel.

Subscription Pop up: Subscribe the user when a visitor enter the email on the respective field.

The Knowband Magento spin and win extension offer the lot of customizations you can make, here are just a few button click:

  • Set the Win rate: How often a segment of the wheel wins.
  • Change the text on any part of the wheel.
  • Set different messages based on what segment won.
  • Include/exclude URLs so you can show your wheel on specific parts of your website.
  • Add or remove your logo on the wheel.
  • Change colors of the wheel, text, background and buttons

Features offered by Magento Spin and Win(Responsive Pop up Extension) plugin

1. Magento exit intent pop up extension optimizes the UI of the Magento website by displaying a gamified spin the wheel interface.

2. Magento Spin and win extension works on this psychology of the customers and makes them get more engaged with the website

3. The store admin can manage and change the look and feel of the wheel from the admin interface of Magento Spin and Win extension.

4. The Magento responsive pop up extension enables the admin to set the display frequency and location of the wheel at a few button clicks from the back-end of the module.

5. With the help of the Magento spin and win extension by Knowband the admin can change colors of the wheel, text, background and buttons.

6. Magento Spin and Win(email subscription) extension allow the store merchants to set slice discounts type and value within the admin panel.

The benefit of the Store Admin:

1. The Magento exit intent popup extension can help motivate the customers to reconsider their exit and complete their transaction.
2. The Magento email subscriber popup by Knowband even increases the subscribers of the site.
3. Inbuilt Configurable Email Templates with a customizable interface for offer emails.
4. The addictive Magento responsive popup effortlessly motivates the customers to enter their email IDs.
5. The Magento Spin and Win has inbuilt email integrator for MailChimp and Klaviyo.
6. The Magento email subscription pop up extension makes it easier for the admin to send follow-ups to the customers.

Find more details about this Magento Spin and Win Extension below:

Knowband Magento Spin and Win Extension User Manual
Knowband Magento Spin and Win Admin Demo
Knowband Magento Spin and Win Front Demo

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