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Custom Stock Status by Amasty

Allow creating many custom stock statuses
Enable adding the statuses to the products automatically or manually
Ability to display out of stock options of the items
Easy to add attractive icons for stock statuses
Ability to show quantity based on stock statuses
Magento 2 Custom Stock Status extension by Amasty is a great way to attract the attention of the customers. It offers exact information about the products stock availability.In addition, it also allows your customers to get the notifications when the products are available. It's time for you to select this tool and experience the interesting functions.

Custom Stock Status by Anowave

Allow adding custom product stock status message
Unrestricted number of custom stock statuses
Allow custom status to show on product detail pages
Enable custom status to show on 3rd-party views
Easy and friendly interface
To give your customers more information about the stock products on your site, Custom Stock Status extension for Magento 2 developed by Anowave is a wonderful choice. It not only allows adding the messages to the users but also supports notify the stock status about the products on your online store. This can help your customers keep track the products quantity exactly as well as bring the satisfaction for them.

Custom Stock Status by Belvg

Easy to add the catchy icons as well as generate custom texts
Allow showing the number of products in stock exactly
Enable the unrestricted number of statuses
Easily customize and configure
To make your shop become more flexible and useful for your customers, Custom Stock Status extension for Magento 2 is released by Belvg. This tool can be compatible with almost 3rd-party extensions. Besides that, it allows generating the unlimited number of statuses. Thanks to this extension, your customers can track the stock status of the products and then make the purchasing decisions easily.

Custom Stock Status by Cmsideas

Easy to notify your customers about the availability of the products
Easily attract the attention of the customers
Easy to customize and configure
Friendly interface
Thanks to Custom Stock Status extension for Magento 2, your customers can track the availability of the products and make the purchasing decisions quickly. This will help your online store increase the conversion rate. Don't miss a great chance, select this extension today to experience!

Custom Stock Status by Magecomp

Allow displaying the stock availability date and time
Ability to hide expired expected dates
Enable excluding holidays and weekends from the shipping date
Intuitive interface
If you are looking for the Custom Stock Status extension for your Magento 2 store, this is a great choice. Developed by Magecomp, it includes many strong functions that not only helps increase your conversion rate for your store but also impress with your customers easily. Besides, this module also informs your customers about the stock availability of the products.

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