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Magento 2 Custom Order Number

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    Default Magento 2 Custom Order Number

    Magento 2 Custom Order Number by Meetanshi is a perfect tool to customize the order numbers and much useful in managing the database numbering!

    Meetanshi's Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension is extremely useful in customizing the order numbers by prefixes, suffixes, alphabets, counter or any arbitrary numbers as per the business need. 

    The Magento, by default, has a constant pattern which is complex to follow and is a hindrance to the user-friendliness of the store. Easily manage the database with Magento 2 Custom Order Number module. Attract visitors with higher order number creating an impression of more sales in the store with the help of the module. Along with the Order number, the extension allows customizing the sales related data like invoices, shipments, credit memos etc. 

    Prevent revealing critical information to the competitors that can be easily figured with the default Magento order numbering system. Control the Order Number system in the Magento 2 store with Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension developed by Meetanshi.

    Benefits of choosing Meetanshi for Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension:

    * Easily customize order numbers, invoices, shipments and credit memo numbers.
    * Allows specifying starting number and length of the order number.
    * Provides flexible numbering formats to use such as letters, prefixes, suffixes, date and time variables, letters etc.
    * Reset counters on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.
    * It also supports increment intervals for order numbers, for example, the increment of order number with 3 digits.
    * Random order numbering formats help to hide important business data from competitors.
    * Easily comply with local or legal requirements by customizing order numbers.

    For more information, visit

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    Thank you for sharing ! Here is a nother useful Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension for all websites.

    + Freely customize order number with letters and variables
    + Set number start, increments and number padding for Counter variable
    + Assign custom order for invoices, shipment and credit memo
    + Set up how counter is resetted
    + Support customizing order number for store view

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