Magento a pair of Migration information could be a hot topic these days. Magento a pair of Migration is that the worthy issue to try to since Magento a pair of is free. Magento a pair of Migration can bring higher code with bug fixes, several options and functionalities to the user. beginning with Magento a pair of upgrade, your store is simple to suit with each device within the best performance and improve the searching expertise at an equivalent time.

Come here! Mageplaza is that the right option to facilitate you! we tend to square measure assured to assist you to migrate all information from this Magento one.x to the latest Magento a pair of.x version. the information includes orders, client data, and anything you request United States of America.

Magento 2 Migration Features

Let’s have a quick view of Magento 2 features that you need to upgrade to:

Flexible architecture
Magento 2 is based on a better code that makes Magento 2 easier and flexible to use. Besides, It also supports efficient APIs, theming capabilities, and turnkey extensions.

Enhanced shopping experience
By using Magento 2 platform, you can embed video into product page to increase customer interacts with your site. Moreover, with responsive design layout and customizable checkout process, Magento 2 allows online retailers to engage customer shopping experience tightly.

Improved productivity
Magento 2 Admin Panel comes with a new, advanced and friendly interface to manage effectively. Especially, the improved control panel enables to access critical information with ease and fasten the import of new products by 4 times as usual, that makes your business productivity more efficient.

Fast progress of Magento 2 Data Migration
To fasten the progress on the online store, Magento 2 is powerful by caching the full page content and optimal code. That’s why running Magento 2 on your store is a great way to increase conversion rates while the page load sped up to 50% such as product catalog and checkout pages.

Secure Payment Gateways
To improve the security on shopping online, Magento v2 is also compatible with some secure payment gateways like Braintree, Paypal,, soon. If you are based on Magento 2 Enterprise Edition (EE), you can apply CyberSource for the payment method.

Easy-to-Maintain and Upgrade
Launched with many leading features for e-commerce business, Magento 2 platform provides developers unsurpassed scope and flexibility to maintain and upgrade.

What do we have? - Magento 2 Data Migration
Mageplaza is aware of that migrating from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x requires a full of skills and in-depth technical knowledge. Therefore, Mageplaza always tries the best together with technical experts to help Magento 1.x stores upgrade the data with zero loss of data in our ability.

By now, Magento 2 Upgrade Service by Mageplaza has been used by 50+ customers. Thanks to applying the agile solutions to gain the expected results without risk and losing. All of the data migration are 100% accuracy and security.

What can we do?
Enjoy Magento 2 Migration/Upgrade Service by Mageplaza, we can help you:

Magento 2 Data Migration
Magento 2 Migration Service supports for Magento 1.x data:

Store configurations
Sales data
Orders data
Reviews and ratings

Bringing SEO Value

To enhance SEO value in Google SERPs, Magento 2 Migration Service by Mageplaza keeps stable the following elements in the migration progress:

File structures
Managing canonicals
Internal site linking structure
It comes to the end of the tutorial Magento 2 Migration | Mageplaza.

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