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CSS not loading in Magento 2 after installing

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    Default CSS not loading in Magento 2 after installing

    I recently installed Magento 2 via the Installatron script in cPanel on my server.

    The install went smoothly with no errors, although when I visit the front and backends, there is no styling.

    Any suggestions as to where to start?

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    You should adjust the filesystem permissions and maybe the webserver

    1. Set the proper permissions and ownership

    You should set the proper filesystem permissions and ownership:

    2. Deploy the static content

    The static content is deployed automatically in the developer703 mode.
    I recommend to use the developer modue during a store’s development.
    If you run a store in the production120 mode then you should deploy the static content manually997.

    3. Ensure you have not missed the .htaccess files

    What .htaccess files Magento 2 uses?1.7k

    4. Are you running Magento in a subdirectory?

    If you have installed Magento 2 into a subdirectory (/store, for example) then you should adjust your webserver.
    See: How to adjust Apache webserver (through .htaccess files) to run Magento in a subdirectory?

    If you use Nginx webserver then see the instructions from these topics:

    How to install Magento 2 into subdirectory using Nginx + Apache
    How to install Magento 2.0 into subdirectory using Nginx + PHP-FPM

    5. The problem could be caused by a lack of memory for the Less compiler

    How to fix the «Allowed memory size exhausted» / «Out of memory / Bad gateway» failure in Magento/Framework/ObjectManager/Relations/Runtime.php?

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    Go through with this link :

    Hope it will resolve your issue.

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