The Magento auto subscribe extension by Knowband allows the eCommerce store admin to display an attractive and eye-catchy subscription box on the eCommerce store website. This subscription box can be a contact form or a subscription pop-up. The e-merchant can also auto subscribe the store visitors and customers at the time of Checkout or Registration.

It is one of the most beneficial Magento plugins offered by Knowband.

Things you should know about this Magento email subscribe module:

  • The eCommerce store owner can show a subscription box on the website: With the help of this auto subscribe integration extension the e-merchant can easily show an attractive subscription box on the website store. As an admin, you can select the pages on which you want to show the subscription box. You can show this contact form on the right sidebar or left sidebar as per your need. Look and feel of this subscription contact form can be managed easily. You can set the text, text color, background color etc.
  • The Magento email subscription popup allows the admin to show subscription pop-up: You can also showcase an appealing subscription pop-up on the home page of the online store. You can set an image for this popup. Look and feel of this pop up can be fixed by admin panel. You can display a success message to the store visitors, once they subscribe successfully. This subscription pop-up is highly attractive, there are higher chances of subscription when this kind of popup shows on your website store.
  • MailChimp and Constant Contact Integration: This Magento mail chimp extension offers MailChimp and Constant Contact integration. The store and can set the MailChimp and Constant Contact API and the list in which he/she wants to add the subscriber's information. Whenever any new subscriber subscribes, the Magento MailChimp Integration automatically forwards the email id details from the eCommerce store to the store admin’s MailChimp account and Constant Contact account.
  • You can set the Auto Subscribe event: This Magento subscription module provides three events for the auto subscription. The store admin can subscribe the store visitors and customers while checkout, registration and guest checkout. If the e-merchant enable these options then this Magento email newsletter extension will automatically add visitors email id in subscription list.
  • Mail Sending after Subscription: The store owner can also send the email to the visitors after successful subscription. The e-merchant can send the personalized email to the subscribers with the help of fully customizable email templates. You can add the logo of your online store, any other information etc.
  • There is an option to add the jQuery library on the front side: This Magento newsletter popup allows to include jQuery files also. In case this is already available so you can disable this option.

Features offered by Knowband Magento auto subscribe extension:

  • The eCommerce store admin can show subscription form as a contact form or a subscription pop-up according to the choice.
  • This Auto Subscribe integration supports MailChimp and Constant Contact API, It automatically passes the subscription details from the online store to the MailChimp, Constant contact account.
  • The e-merchant can also send a personalized email to the store visitors after successful subscription.
  • The look and feel of the subscription box can be managed easily.
  • This Magento email subscription popup allows the e-merchant to subscribe the store visitors while Checkout, guest Checkout or Registration.
  • This Magento email newsletter extension updates the mailing list on every new subscription.​
  • The Magento mail chimp extension allows adding jQuery files also if required.


  • The store admin can easily configure the MailChimp extension.
  • The store owner can auto-subscribe the store visitors without any complex implementation.
  • The Magento mail chimp extension allows showing an attractive subscription box/ subscription popup on the eCommerce website store easily.
  • The store owner can get more subscribers without any hassle and complex process. The functionality can be implemented just by following some simple steps.
  • The customers and store visitors can get regular updates about your eCommerce store just by subscribing to the email newsletter.

For more details about this auto subscribe extension:

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