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What are the differences between Magento 2 Community and Enterprise Edition?

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    Default What are the differences between Magento 2 Community and Enterprise Edition?

    All Magento users know Magento 2 developed into 2 editions, Community and Enterprise. However, not many people can understand clearly and discriminate the two editions to choose the suitable one to start their business.

    The Enterprise Edition is more functional than the Community since it includes many advanced features to optimize the site and improve customer experience.

    You can refer this article Magento 2 Community vs Enterprise Edition Comparison to read the complete comparison of Magento 2 CE vs EE.

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    There are two edition of Magento platform, is Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Magento Community Edition was only developed basics e-commerce features, and the Enterprise Edition includes additional extensions that are complete versality improvement to the database, order management, checkout, catalog and more. This article will have a small comparison between Magento 2 Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.
    Price: You can download Magento 2 Community Edition for free on, but to use the Enterprise Edition, you have to pay a license fee, based on how much revenue your store make (cost range from 22.000$ to 150.000$ per year)
    Features: There are many unique features in Magento Enterprise Edition that the Community Edtion doesn’t included. For example, in Catalog product and management, Enterprise Edition have Gift Card features
    For more information, visit our link:


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