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Most Recommended 10 Magento 2 Extensions for Every Magento 2 Store

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    Default Most Recommended 10 Magento 2 Extensions for Every Magento 2 Store

    Since online stores have become the first doors for buyers, here I have got the list of few most recommended extensions for every Magento 2 eCommerce store.

    We Recommended MageAnts Below Extensions

    1. Magento 2 Gift Card

    Don't you jump with joy when you receive a gift? It enables store owners to generate more business as well as it also encourages their buyer to come back and redeem their gift card.

    2. Magento 2 Product Labels

    a You might have seen some labels, depicts some offers going on such as 'Sales', 'New', 'New Item', ‘Limited Stock’, ‘Hurry’ and much more...

    b. These are interactive as well as informative elements which you should keep on your Magento 2 store. You may also use the same as your marketing strategy.

    c. Customize the color, size, position, type, etc. according to your preference.

    3. Magento 2 Shipping Per Product

    Do you sell various size and weight products? Are you facing an issue with shipping cost? It allows you to set a default flat shipping rate for all the products. It automatically applies shipping charges based on your initial set up.

    4. Magento 2 Automatic Related Products

    Encourage your customers to explore more products by showcasing theme relevant products. You can also use it as upselling up-sells and cross-sells purposes.

    5. Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order

    Obviously, from the name, it enables the customers to add multiple products to their cart quickly and make your website more customer-centric and boost sales. Ajax-based extension to ensure speed and efficiency.

    6. Magento 2 Newsletter Popup

    Keep your customers close and updated with you - that’s one of the key element for a successful business in today’s time. Grab your customer's email address and then send some informative things to get back them to the store.

    7. Magento 2 360 Product Images

    Your customers will surely love seeing products from all the different angles. It also builds up your store’s credibility and helps your customers place an order quickly without worrying about the product.

    8. Magento 2 Daily Deals

    It is designed to allow you to create daily deals and implement multi-level marketing.
    It also allows adding countdown timer showing the time remaining for the deal.
    Customise the visuals and display the deal box in many different places on the website.
    Use the feature-rich admin panel to make required modifications.

    9. Magento 2 Size Chart

    It lets your customers refer the size chart to identify their precise size. Add product and category filter according to the chart on front-end.
    Specify the dimension standards for your size charts.

    10. Magento 2 Product Question Answers
    You don’t have to lose a customer if one of your customers haven't got precise details about any specific product?
    It comes with security and control, set character limit to a number of questions and you can also control automated questions & answers enabling captcha.
    You can also send email to clients regarding newly answered questions related to their questions.

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    Thanks for sharing!

    Let me also share the following powerful extensions that will definitely help to succeed and bear fruitful results:

    1. Product Q/A for Magento 2. The extension saves time by providing ability for customers to submit questions & answers directly on product pages.
    2. Multiple Wishlists for Magento 2. The module creates multiple wishlists for different occasions.
    3. Grouped Product Options for Magento 2. The extension groups configurable and bundle products, shows or hides images of associated products.
    4. Product Tabs for Magento 2. The extension allows to create your own tabs, and edit existing ones globally or per product using WYSIWYG.
    5. Product Price Formula for Magento 2. The powerful extension calculates the product price based on your custom math formula and product options, creates multiple calculation rules, price matrix and more!
    6. Store Login Access for Magento 2. The extension hides the entire store behind the login form.
    7. Registration Fields Manager for Magento 2. The extension adds more custom fields on the registration form and extends the customer profile.
    8. Advanced Product Grid for Magento 2 allows to edit product attributes directly in the list of products. Edit product images and videos on the product grid without redirects.
    9. Dynamic Product Options for Magento 2 creates advanced product options, allows to copy options and apply to multiple products.

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    Useful collection.
    Check out some more extensions below that will also helpful.

    1) Customer Attributes Magento 2 Extension:
    It helps the store owner to manage and add new customer attributes. By using this extension, store owner can create additional fields on the customer account register page, customer account edit page etc.

    2) Ultimate Portfolio Magento 2 Extension:
    It will show detailed portfolio with all information on the front-end. The store owner can add thumbnails and images for a portfolio. Also, the store owner can set SEO friendly URL for the portfolio category page URL and listing page.

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    Magento 2 Currency Auto Switcher + GeoIP Location-Identify and redirect visitors to their native language site automatically for better understanding of your products.
    Modulebazaar's Magento2 Currency Auto Switcher + GeoIP Location extension allows you to identify and redirect the user to the respective URL or store with their native language. Identifying the user's location based on the IP address


    Auto detection of user's IP address.
    IP's Location Based redirection by using the Maxmind look up table as reference.
    Redirect the users to their Native language store.
    Currency settings can be done by both manual and automatic.Looking for the currency exchange rate to know the products' actual cost is quite a task that customers generally don't prefer. The Magento 2 currency converter extension is the best that automatically converts the currency and display the price to the customers in the regional currency, which improves the checkout speed and conversion rate.
    Currency updator is handled by using custom GEOIP import services.
    We can Set the URL automatically and manually.After auto-recognization of the users' location, the Magento 2 GeoIP store switcher redirects the users to the region specific website in a particular languag
    Quick installation.
    Friendly Interface.
    The restriction settings enable the admin to block some IP addresses of those locations to browse the store. Also, the IP exceptions can be added where the enlisted IP addresses can be whitelisted to avoid store redirection.
    Benefits of using this extension:

    Increase the promotion by displaying right content to the right audience.
    Easy administration of global businesses with set of currencies and languages.
    Auto-switch to local language and currency increase the conversion rate.
    Dedicated store for each country gives a special impression to the visitors.

    Magento 2 Reward Points-The storeowner can use Magento 2 Reward Points extension to process refunds, award customers on special occasions, or run promotional campaigns.
    A loyality extension that requires very little maintenance.
    The most important one is the conversion rate from dollar amount spent to points earned and back from points to dollar value (Points to store currency ratio).
    Other Magento Reward Points settings include expiration date, bonus points earned on in-store activities, and a couple of display options for storefront.
    To set the program in motion admin has to configure the extension settings.
    That’s it, the loyalty program is now running and admin may monitor it by viewing all point transactions and point balances from backend.

    Magento 2 RMA-The extension provides full control over various areas of return merchandise authorization process. Magento 2 RMA extension provides several options for the customer (or guest) to create a new request. Following that, a customer has all the necessary tools to monitor request processing and interact with store personnel. And, on the other side, store personnel is provided with a straightforward, step by step process for dealing with return merchandise authorization requests

    Magento 2 Social Login-Magento 2 Social Login extension accumulates all the best practices of using social network accounts for login or account creation.
    Customers will be able to start an account using social network ID or to attach such an ID to an already existing account.
    With user login options .It offers an opportunity to track existing accounts, see customer distribution by social network, collect emails associated with social networks.

    Magento 2 Shop By Brand-Make the product sell itself: Adding brands to the products is more than a motivation when it comes to the sales it is a trusty friend's recommendation.
    Increase loyalty: You can introduct customers to new, quality brands with 'Featured brands' functionality .
    Promote purchasesisplay related products by brand, add a widget and enhance product pages with the brand logo and description

    Magento 2 Store Credit And Refund-Magento 2 Store Credit and Refund extension introduces an in-store currency, which can be used to process the refunds or award customers. The currency acts like regular payment, except in can only be used to purchase from the store.

    The refunds can be paid with store credit directly from the credit memo page. Customers get a dedicated account section. More to it, the prices at the store are displayed with the discount considering store credit balance, never letting a promotional opportunity down. In addition, the extension comes with the transparent transactions grid. The grid provides an overview of the credit transactions each referenced with an order or customer details pages. From the grid store owner can update customer's credit balance individually or en masse.


    Keep cash in store: Refund with store credit in two clicks, and add a little extra to keep customers loyal and happy.
    Boost sales: Add promo credit to all customers at once and display discounted prices on all product pages.
    Make informed decisions: Update credit balance in few clicks and keep track of credit movements with transparent transactions grid.

    Magento 2 Subscription & Recurring Payments-When purchasing a subscription a recurring billing profile is created on the payment gateway side.
    Customers can manage recurring payments from a dedicated account settings.
    Once subscription starts customers are charged automatically and orders placed accroding to the subscription plans set.
    Subscription and Recurring Payments extension for Magento 2 allows adding a subscription option to any product on the store.
    Adjustable subscription plans let store administrator offer the most convenient delivery options, set up subscription start date, trial period and initial fees.
    Depending on the extension settings, customers can purchase either a single item or subscribe for daily/weekly/monthly supplies.

    Magento 2 Payeezy First Data GGe4 Extension-First data GGe4 Payeezy payment gateway can be integrated with the Magento 2 core credit card system by setting the default gateway to Firstdata Global Gateway e4. The module collects the credit card details, validates and passes the data to Firstdata in a secured way.


    The module helps to accept payment through First Data Global Gateway e4.
    Merchant can authorize only or authorize and capture the payment. Later can capture the amount from the Firstdata control panel.
    The module does not store card information anywhere to pass PCI Compliance issues.
    The merchant can capture the authorized payments from the Firstdata control panel.
    Supports Authorize Only, Authorize & Capture (Sale), Void and Refund.

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    All extensions introduced above are must-have functions for a Magento 2 website. And I also want to suggest my list:

    1. Magento 2 Product Attachments extension:
    This module allows you to upload file attachments to your site and allow customers to download them. It helps you improve product performance by making the informative pages.

    Name:  1._display_on_block_-_frontend.png
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Size:  103.5 KB

    2. Magento 2 Size Chart extension:
    The sizing solution for Magento 2 stores selling products with various sizes. With the helps of this modue, the store owners can display the size guide (popup) on product pages to help customers pick size quickly.

    Name:  1_2.png
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Size:  97.7 KB

    3. Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension:

    This extension is developed for who want to change the default order number in Magento 2. You can change order increment ID, start order number, add order number prefix and more,...for all store views or each store view individually.

    Name:  2_2_3.png
Views: 59
Size:  71.6 KB

    4. Magento 2 Custom Option Template extension:

    It's the basic module to enhance product customization options function. "Create once and add to multiple items" is the key feature of this extension. Instead of creating one by one for each product, you can build the templates of custom options then apply to as many as products you want.

    Name:  template_information_tab.png
Views: 59
Size:  54.5 KB

    Besides, we also developed 80+Magento 2 extensions to help boost up Magento 2 websites. All extension purchases will be offered FREE 1-Year Support, FREE Installation, FREE Updates, and 30-Day Money Back policy.

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