Advanced Content Manager Magento 2 extension allows Magento 2 developers to make new content types such as Portfolio, Testimonial, News, Gallery, Blog and easy. Just with the available data fields, the extension will automatically generate a new page without having to setup a certain CMS page . Moreover, Magento 2 extension help administrator to create multiple custom forms to display at front-end !

Advanced Content Maker Magento 2 Extension

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Big advantages for develops !

  • Create different content types when you are in need of adding other pages like Portfolio, Testimonial, News, Gallery…
  • Associate new fields to this content at any time, of any type: Text field, Textarea, File Upload, Image Upload, Dropdown, Radio, Checkbox, Multiselect, Date, Store View, Products.
  • Customize URLs of the content page and item details pages will proficiently resolve the URL friendly and grow SEO a step forward.
  • Choose available layouts and use Layout Update XML for the content pages and item details page.
  • Add/edit Meta Keywords, Meta Description, enable Breadcrumbs of content pages and item details page.
  • Feasibility to customize HTML of content page.

For more information of Advanced Content Maker Magento 2 Extension , visit our Youtube channel here or the detail page :

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