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Why the title tag is valuable?

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    Title tag is one of the primary concern in on page advancement. In web search tool like google, they look watchword and in the event that you website tittle tag is not as indicated by your webpage content then it is elusive your website through web search tool.

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    Title Tag, URL and Meta Description is the initial information what users (searchers) over Search Engines is looking after. SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) shows snippet which includes Title Tag, URL of your Website Page and Meta Description.

    It’s not always the case when Search Engines shows how you have provided the Title Tag & Meta Description, SE’s may alter the Snippet based on the Users requirement and Content on your Website.

    So, it’s important to write Title Tag, URL and Meta Description thematically based on your Content & should not stuff with Keywords. You can use the main keywords in your Title Tag, URL and Meta Description with a meaningful sentence.

    Title Tag can contain texts up to 65 characters. URL length can be up to 100 characters. Meta Description length can be up to 160 characters. Do not over exceed or write very short Title & Meta Description.

    I hope this information is sufficient for you to understand about the Question you asked, it also gives you an additional information on Onpage SEO


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