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What is difference between direct marketing and branding?

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    Brand marketing : The focus of brand marketing is towards building awareness. It’s about announcing that your e-commerce venture is up and running and telling people what it does, with a whole lot of zing. Brand marketing is eloquent, creative, hoity-toity and attention grabbing.

    Direct marketing : direct marketing is about directly telling people what your business is about and giving them the option to do business with you right away. Like You know Oppo, the popular smartphone brand that also happens to be an official partner of FC Barcelona, invests a lot of money or branding. However, OnePlus, which also happens to be a subsidiary of Oppo, didn’t spend a lot on branding. Rather, they make their product, tell people what it is capable of, and that’s it. The very first model, OnePlus One sold like hot cakes among smartphone aficionados.


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