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Php vs Python

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    Default Php vs Python

    Ive come here to learn about magneto and eCommerce in general but this thread caught my eye so im going to post here first.

    Ive worked somewhat with php , and i know many if not mos web developer jobs and websites ( dynamic ) are currently running on php as their main markup language .

    However i have read alot about ruby on rails and python and the "Languages that will end php". Now im not for or against any of these languages , i guess my question is , is it possible , should we be learning the newer languages in addition to improving our older ones? I mean i cant magine lets say wordpress switching over to python hahaha.

    But what i do see is a greater amount of jobs every month in the web developer industry with regards to python especially .

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    As for PHP vs Python, I don't think there's a better/worse comparison, as there's a give and take.

    PHP has an amazing community and online documentation. You will find answers to most questions you have VERY quickly. However, it's popularity and ease of use/implementation has brought with it a lot of sub-standard code and packages. Even within the language there are many quarks and inconsistencies.
    If you go PHP - ALWAYS USE A GOOD FRAMEWORK!!!! Laravel would be my recommendation

    Python has a reputation for being a high-level language. It's focus is on the ease of use. It takes a while to get used to the syntax coming from Java, but you get the hang of it. Once you do, you will see that the code is much more readable than other languages.

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