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SEO is nothing, why are you doing hard work?

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    Default SEO is nothing, why are you doing hard work?

    Guys, I am working in SEO since 10 years,

    All guys are working hard in doing Off-Page activities, this does not work, why are you wasting time?

    Only tricks work in SEO, and stop saying that keywords take 2-3 month time to optimize, this is false; any keyword can be ranked within one day, I can do this and I have done it for many sites.

    All bloggers and SEO tips provider site like MOZ, Search Engine Journal giving you false tips and information, they are doing misguide all of you, making all of you fool because they want to keep all SEO engage with their false tips so that their Competitors can be engaged with false tips and competition can be reduced, and their site can get rank well.

    Have you seen any Off-Page activities done by MOZ, Search Engine Journal like sites?

    No! But still, they are ranking well, have you thought about this thing?

    They do not time waste in Off-Page activities, they do smart work; they use tricks.

    So guys stop following this types of sites and stop being fool.

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    Are you sure? Because the world is on the other side.


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