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5 Best Selling Extensions for Your Magento 2 Store

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    Default 5 Best Selling Extensions for Your Magento 2 Store

    Magento is one of the most popular and preferred platform for a huge number of online store, especially the bigger ones. And with the launch of Magento 2 with a new dashboard and many enhanced features, Magento is planning to establish its lead further. But store owners who had been in the business for quite some time know that it’s not just the core platform that helps your business grow and succeed. Along with so many things that adds into the development of an ideal online store, the extensions you opt for your store contributes a lot by improving store functions and the way you perform certain important store related activities.

    In this blog, we have jotted down some of the leading Magento 2 extensions and what are they used for.

    Magento 2 MageMob Admin

    Online business is functioning 24x7, unlike traditional stores. Therefore, it becomes important for the admin(s) to constantly be in touch with their store. Magento 2 MageMob Admin lets you manage your store chores without making it mandatory for you to be present at your conventional work space. The application lets you receive order notifications instantly so that you can take quick actions on further steps and you can also get the tracking information to communicate with your customers. With numerous functions, it makes store management really convenient by providing all required information literally at your fingertips. Along with, you can also keep a constant view at your business graphs that facilitate quicker decision making and inventory management.

    The app has user friendly navigation, compatible with multiple stores, and works great on both android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. In a gist, the extension is highly secure, flexible, and scalable that eases multiple tasks for you.

    Magento 2 Language Translator

    One of the ultimate goals of setting up online stores is to expand your business further. To flourish your business outside your regional boundaries, it is very important to communicate in the language of the places you are targeting. Magento 2 Language Translator helps you build your multilingual website effortlessly. Without incurring huge costs, the extension lets you convert CMS page details like page title, content heading, content, and meta details in any language. You can also change the category fields of your ecommerce store in any language. Mass translations can be done easily and it even translates the product reviews for your customers to refer. And the best thing is everything is customizable according to your requirements. You as the admin of the store solely control what things to be translated and what not.

    Magento 2 Delivery Date Scheduler

    The more convenient features you provide to your customers, they get more reasons to come back and shop. Magento 2 Delivery Date Scheduler allows your store customers to select their own specific days of delivery from a set of preferable dates. It increases your sales by providing an option for the customers who are working and rarely have someone to receive their orders. The installation and configuration of the app is extremely easy as well. It conveniently manages your customer orders and deliveries. By providing specific minimum and maximum delivery time intervals with allowed dates and days, it keeps it uncomplicated for the store too. It works both ways, not only does the customer benefits by no more speculating delivery dates, the store also has fewer desertions of packages, and is able to work out a more accurate delivery mechanism.

    Magento 2 Australia Post Shipping

    Magento 2 Australia Post Shipping lists in this chart as it is preferred for how it makes the shipping department easy for stores based in Australia. With this extension, you can directly add domestic and global parcel shipping rates in your store which helps customers to know the exact amount payable for the product and hence enhancing their shopping experience with your store. The admin can add extra configurations for the package and multiple shipping services as is convenient for the business. Configurations for generating shipping rates can also be tailored as per requirements. The feature rich product is a must have for store owners to make shipping smoother on both merchants’ and customers’ account.

    Magento 2 Advance Shop by Brand/ Manufacturer

    With so many options available on online stores, it’s important to provide your customers with an option to search their preferred products more easily. Magento 2 Advance Shop by Brand/Manufacturer allows your customer to search and buy products based on their brand choice. With the extension, you can add brand attribute to your products and show them in the front end with all other details of the brand. Customers can also shop for specific categories of these brands. With customers preferring filtered choices with each passing day it’s important for a business to make brand identification easy and reduce customer efforts. The extension significantly helps store owners do that and that’s the reason it makes count in the top 5 list!

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    Hi! Thank you for sharing!

    These extensions are aimed to arrange all your store’s issues and extend the Magento 2 functionality greatly.

    Dynamic Product Options plugin for Magento 2 provides a number of settings for developers and webmasters allowing to add custom options, apply conditional branching, associate options to other products, add customer pricing and tier prices for options and more.

    Product Price Formula extension for Magento 2 allows to create a number of logical conditions, control over the final price via a chain of conditions, provides the full support of configurable products, or creates tier pricing per each option.

    Product Tabs extension for Magento 2 helps to create and edit custom and system tabs either globally or per product. You can also add different custom tabs for certain customer groups.

    SmartFormer Gold extension for Magento 2 helps to create advanced custom forms with ability to apply your custom design. Collect customer data in the Database, customize email templates, edit validation rules, manage customers’ submissions, export and import data to CSV/PDF, use extra advanced editors.

    Grouped Product Options extension for Magento 2 allows to group simple, configurable and bundle product with options. Your customers will be able to configure all options directly in a grouped product. Also the extension allows to show or hide images and short description of associated products.

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    Product Personalization Made Easy!

    Ecommerce store owners can now offer their customers with a personalized range of Mugs, Stationary, Gifts, Skin Covers and T-shirts etc with the help of AppJetty’s top-notch Magento 2 Product Designer Extension – Advance Product Designer. With the help of this Html5 Online Product Designer, your customers will be able to create a printable design on the product of their choice! Once they are done designing, they can review the product and place an order. Advance Product Designer is an ideal Web to Print Software Solution if you want to have a customer-centred and successful business!

    Name:  Magento_2_Online_Product_Designer_Extension_Web_To_Print_Solutions_AppJetty_1_808x632.png
Views: 41
Size:  217.2 KB

    Responsive Product Designer Tool For Magento 2

    Advance Product Designer has been developed keeping device responsiveness in mind. Therefore, your customers will always have the freedom to unleash their designing skills on any device including ipad, tablet, desktop or a laptop. Through the custom product designer extension created for Magento 2 ecommerce store, your customers will be able to design any product in few clicks. Now your customers can create one-of-a-kind design you can produce a printed masterpiece out of it to make them happy!

    What Does Advance Product Designer Offer?

    Pre Designed Templates

    Advance Product Designer tool has readymade templates with a readymade framework which enables your customers to design easily. It is also possible to import and shuffle templates from one category to another. When the number of templates is more, your customers can get plenty of options to design at the best of their abilities.

    Design a wide range of Products

    Using our Magento 2 Personalized Products Designer Software, your customers can create designs on everything right from mugs, bags, pens and pen drives to wedding albums, business cards, pillow covers and diaries. Not only that, they can also add words, slogans, quotes, pictures and clipart on the product of their choice.

    Supports Multiple Printing Methods

    Magento 2 Web To Print Extension supports all types of printing methods like hot printing, DTG printing, screen printing etc. So you can print designs using any kind of printing compatible to your industry.

    Compatible with Multiple Formats

    Through our personalized products designer software for Magento 2, printable design files can be obtained in multiple formats like PNG, JPG, SVG & PDF according to you and your customers’ requirement.

    Free Clipart Library

    Our online product designer software has a readymade clipart library of over 10,000 graphics. This means your customers do not have to waste time looking around for clipart on the internet and their devices.

    Customizable Design Tool

    It doesn’t matter which industry you belong to. With product customizer for Magento2, We can customize the frontend and backend of Advance Product Designer and make it work according to your requirements!

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    Thank you for sharing!

    I want to introduce you a hot new extension that is very useful for new Magento 2 to gain customer truth, Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension.

    By installing this module, you can modify the start number, increment number and the length of the order number. By setting the start order number in a great number, customers will appreciate the popularity of your product as well as the reputation of your store. Furthermore, you are allowed to create a new format for the order number with variables and letters. Not only the order number, are invoice, shipment and credit memo number also changed with the helps of this extension.

    - Flexibly create a new order number format

    Name:  3_2.png
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Size:  24.8 KB

    - Freely set up the counter variable by customizing start number, increment number and the total number of digits

    Name:  4_1.png
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Size:  42.7 KB

    - Be able to reset the counter daily, weekly, monthly or yearly

    - Conveniently use the order number as invoice, shipment and credit memo number

    Name:  5.png
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Size:  34.3 KB

    At BssCommerce, we offer you the best support with free installation, free update, free 1-year support and 30-day money back. Let’s explore and get the module now!

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    Thank you for sharing!

    I would like to recommend the below,

    Advanced Content Manager

    Creates Types of content-News,blogs,testimonials.
    Totally customizable and easy to use-Opensource ,user friendly interface.
    Made for developers and Webmasters-powerful and scalable.
    Multiple Custom forms-Different forms can be created to display at front end

    Abandoned Cart Email

    Customer group conditions to segment the customers
    Store view conditions to allow mutilanguage marketing
    Send abandoned cart reminders to promote purchases
    Product conditions for precise targeting
    Cart conditions to narrow down the audience

    Magento 2 Currency Auto Switcher + GeoIP Location

    Auto detection of user's IP address
    IP's Location Based redirection by using the Maxmind look up table as reference.
    Redirect the users to their Native language store.
    Currency settings can be done by both manual and automatic.
    Currency updator is handled by using custom GEOIP import services.
    Setting the URL automatically and manually.
    Quick installation.
    Friendly Interface.

    Social Login

    The features of social login are listed below:
    Select login pages Screen - Default options include login, registration, shopping cart, and checkout pages
    Customer account - may be created via social network login
    Existing store -account may be linked to social network profile
    Social login buttons - available at customer login and checkout pages
    Social networks - Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Google, Pinterest,,, and PayPal are available login options
    Social account data Screen - All social IDs, along with social account emails, are assembled in a table with an export option
    Linking existing account - A customer has an option to add a social network account to his existing customer account
    Support - Extension documentation and customer support are accessible from within the extension
    Functional tests to make extension modification easier

    Magento 2 GST Extension

    The word ‘TAX’ to get replaced by the word ‘GST’ in all transactional emails and pdf files.
    Generate reports of GST collected separately for CGST, SGST and IGST.
    Follows Magento Tax Rules architecture, hence works out of the box without conflicts.
    Automatic tax splits for SGST, CGST and IGST based on the production state and tax rules.
    Multi-store support: Enable GST logic only to required stores.
    Separate columns for SGST, CGST and IGST in the admin panel area for Order and Invoice management.
    All invoices, orders and their respective PDFs are attached with GST number.
    Optional buyer level GSTIN included in invoice.
    Option to display HSN value in invoice.
    Full solution to manage GST as per government rules for any kind of scenario, product categories and tax slabs.
    GST compliant invoices including PDF and emails.

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    Really adorable thanks for sharing such information with us.

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    Take a look at Some more useful Magento 2 Extensions

    1. Request for Price Magento® 2 Extension

    2. One Step Checkout Magento® 2 Extension

    3. Easy Product Labels Magento® 2 Extension

    4. Add to Cart by SKU Magento® 2 Extension

    5. Ajax Multiple Products Add To Cart Magento® 2 Extension

    Also, Get 30% OFF on this extensions with coupon code: HALLO30% at Envision Ecommerce.

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    You can try some more also,

    1) Customer Attributes Magento 2 Extension: It helps the store owner to manage and add new customer attributes. By using this extension, store owner can create additional fields on the customer account register page, customer account edit page etc.

    2) Ultimate Portfolio Magento 2 Extension: It will help you to present your projects in eye-catching way.

    3) Advanced Product Labels Magento 2 Extension: It allows store owner to display different labels like the best seller products , sale off products, featured products, new products on product view and category view.

    4) Advanced Sorting Magento 2 Extension: This extension add custom sorting options to make products easier to find. Sorting options like by bestsellers, most viewed, biggest saving, rating, and more.

    5) Bookmark Manager Magento 2 Extension: This extension helpful for Admin. Admin can create own backend navigation easily by placing the most visited pages in a drop down list.

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    Thanks, Richard for sharing such a really helpful list but here is another one to list here. Brush Your Ideas is a comprehensive Web-to-Print Magento 2 Product Designer Extension with powerful features. It has the potential to transform any Magento Ecommerce Store into a creative studio. That too, in three steps. Integrate our Magento Product Personalization Extension with your Magento website, let your customer craft designs and print products instantly!

    Our Magento Product Designer Extension is compatible with both Magento 2 & 1 platforms. So even if you’ve recently migrated your platform to Magento 2, Brush Your Ideas Magento 2 Product Designer will serve the purpose. Using our user-friendly web to print magento Extension, your customers can design numerous products in few minutes.

    “Mobile First” is the approach that the creators of Brush Your Ideas go by. So we created a fully responsive Magento Web to Print tool compatible with all devices. And there’s nothing like the convenience of creating customized products on the go. If you want your Product Designer to have any specific features, let us know and we’ll create a tool exclusive to your needs. Leverage the power of Magento and offer innovative products!

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    Thank you for sharing. Here is my highly recommended Magento 2 extension that is also a bestseller by Magezon - Blue Form Builder, an easy and powerful Magento 2 form builder extension:

    What you'll be impressed by this extension is that it's extremely easy to use and at the same time comes with a lot of features.
    - Integrate with a simple drag & drop interface.
    - Easy to add file upload field.
    - Auto send email notifying admin and customers.
    - Protect against spam with 2 kinds of Captcha.
    - Embed forms wherever you want quickly with 4 types of display.
    - Support multi page forms.
    - Provide 10+ templates.
    - Support inline validation.
    - Easily design forms.
    - Integrate with optional plugins such as Conditional Logic, PDF, MailChimp, Report, etc.

    Magento 2 Form Builder on Marketplace >>
    Video: Form Builder for Magento 2 >>

    More Magento 2 extensions by Magezon:

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