One of the most popular and powerful SmartFormer Gold Professional Form Builder for Magento 1 is now available for Magento 2.x websites!

Form Builder creates custom forms of any complexity within minutes. Add simple or complex forms, create surveys, quote or RMA forms, etc.

All customer data are stored in the Database, thus you can easily analyze, edit, filter, and export submissions later on. Create email templates, edit validation rules, manage submissions, export data to CSV/PDF, use extra advanced editors, and much more.

You can also check out the video tutorial that will guide you through the process of how to create a contact form, connect the form to the Database, customize email templates, and manage customer submissions –

The SmartFormer Gold Professional Form Builder extension for Magento 2


  • Convenient drag'n'drop SFG editor. The editor is developed on the drag-n-drop principle and provided with its horizontal and vertical alignments.
  • Create multi-page forms. Add an unlimited number of pages per form.
  • Edit attributes, styles, events per each element. Each elements is provided with its attributes, styles, and events to configure HTML attributes or events, or CSS inline styles.
  • Filter forms on admin grid
  • Create copy or backup of forms on admin grid
  • Set conditional branching. Make one element depend on another one
  • Collect data in the database and manage it in backend. Once the form has been created the admin can create a separate database table to store the submitted data in.
  • Validation rules' manager. The extension provides a list of ready validation rules integrated into each form. All rules are customizable with the ability to add new or edit existing ones.
  • Ability to add new or edit email templates for each form. All email templates are customizable and can have a unique design within a particular form.
  • Ability to send separate emails to admin or customers or 3rd-parties
  • Avoid spamming using 3 types of Captcha
  • Apply visual color selector and image selector per element
  • Various sets of snippets. Ready-to-use HTML snippets containing the grouped elements will help to create form in a few clicks.
  • Ability to manage submitted results by admin and customers
  • Ability to export/import forms via file
  • Ability to export submitted results via CSV or PDF
  • Publish forms via a direct link, widgets, or XML layout
  • Plenty of editors for advanced use: build-in PHP Editor, HTML Editor, JavaScript Editor, CSS Editor
  • 18 Elements: Input Box, Password, Check Box, Radio Button, File Upload, Button Type, Button Type, Reset Button, Submit Button, Text Area, Select Box, List Box, Static Text, Link, DIV Element, Image, Drawing Canvas/Digital Signature, Captcha Image
  • Responsive forms for tablets and mobile devices

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