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Top 5 Magento Extensions to give boost Your Online Store

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    Thumbs up Top 5 Magento Extensions to give boost Your Online Store

    In my opinion, The important thing you should do before focus much more on increasing revenue is improving your site's performance. Why do I say that? Because customers are so impatient if accessing to your site wastes their time so much. However, there is a great tool to solve amazingly. Let empower your online store(s) with Magento 2 extensions by MGS

    1. Advanced Content Manager
    Give site visitors lots of interesting information, incentives to visit and buy, and ways to contact you. Once your site is up and running, continually update and add fresh content to keep people coming back.
    Similar to creating attribute sets for the product on a store, this extension facilitates you to make different content types using available data fields. Once you have created a content type, the extension will automatically generate a page without you having to setup a certain CMS page for it.

    Name:  Advanced Content Manager Magento 2.png
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Size:  216.1 KB

    2. Front-end Builder for Magento 2
    MGS Front-end Builder is a premium feature with high applicability well suited for every Magento-based store.
    It allows you to build and configure Homepage, Category page, Product page, CMS pages... straightly and visually at front-end without having to log in the admin back-end.
    It tolerates Unlimited Front-end Builder Accounts and allows you to select header & footer for the website using available multiple headers & footers, or you can easily add/ edit new headers and footers as you wish.

    Name:  Magento theme builder   magento page builder   Magento builder(7).png
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    3. Ajax Cart extension
    Ajax cart for Magento 2 is a very useful extension for Magento 2 store. With this extension, your customers can add as many products to cart as possible
    Magento Ajax Cart which makes Magento cart UI absolutely friendly for customers to add products to cart or remove items from cart without page reload. From this, your customers will find it convenient, exciting and time-saving to buy the products on your site.

    Name:  ajaxcart_m2_1.jpg
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Size:  30.5 KB

    4. Store Locator Magento 2
    If you have an online store and one or many other physical stores, you will think how customers visiting your website can easily search for your physical stores and the nearest shop with their residence. The answer is Store Locator extension definitely.
    Store Locator Magento 2 allows your clients to easily find and see full list of your stores even the nearest stores to your clients' location and the available products of those stores that clients want to buy. Your stores will be shown on Google Map.

    Name:  Magento 2 Store Locator extension(5).png
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    5. Lookbook Extension
    The Lookbook is a magical tool which allows you to create multiple image collections for your products basing on the images you upload.
    To attract attention to some specific items,it can highlight certain areas on the main photo. The LookBook introduces a new approach of arranging and presenting your product pages. Now with this extension you will be able to present to your customers a set of associated products on a single page within a single image – to emphasize their unity and relevance to each other. Such approach is a perfect solution for e-stores that promote grouped products: furniture sets, makeup sets and other items as a single group.

    Name:  lookbook_thumb.png
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    Magento 2 Extensions
    developed by MageSolution are well-known for their diversity and high applicability. Moreover, extensions for Magento 2 websites are added frequently to best serve the customers' demands as well as to create a pilot trend for world-class extensions development. Everything you need to strengthen your online store can be found here at Magesolution. Join now!

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    Magento is probably the most popular eCommerce platform and has advanced level features suitable for any ecommerce store. Magento, out-of-the-box has enough options to take care of most store requirements. But quite often you may need certain custom functionalities that are that are not in-built in Magento. In such scenarios extensions play an important role. That's the reason why Magento Connect (the extension marketplace of Magento) has thousands of extensions that can add any imaginable functionality to your online store.

    Here we have listed some of the popular Magento extensions that any well developed online store should have. Each of these extensions cater to some unique requirements, that, if added to your online store, will make it much more customer friendly and unique.

    Product Designer

    Advance Product Designer, an online product design tool, created in an advanced way. eCommerce store owners can allow their customers to customize products like mugs, covers, t-shirts, business cards and so on. Online buyers can design custom products of their choice as per their ideas. And so the extension turns out to be the most convinced product for the shoppers. To shoppers astonishment, key features provided are, Phrases to write thoughts, custom designs/images masking effects, templates with designs and many other. Well, the most attractive element is, Advance Product Designer is fully responsive.

    Marketplace Solution

    If you want to convert your magento store into a marketplace with multiple sellers and individual seller dashboards, then this Magento Marketplace is the perfect solution. Through this extension all sellers will get a vendor dashboard from where they can manage their inventory, sales, returns, etc. And as the marketplace owner you can set a commission for yourself for each sale made by a seller. Customers can also leave their reviews and ratings for the seller they purchased products from.


    One Step Checkout is a useful extension that makes checkout process smooth and hassle free. With key features such as, compatibility, Auto Geolocation, multilingual support, responsive designs, customized checkout page, this extension is developed to simplify the checkout process which helps customer finish the checkout process faster thereby, increasing customer satisfaction.

    Product Shipping

    If you are an Australian online store owner and you are looking to add Australia Post as a shipping method in you store, then Australia Post Shipping this is the extension for you! It will automatically fetch various domestic and international shipping methods offered by Australia Post along with their live rates. Once you have downloaded and installed this extension, a new shipping option “Australia Post Shipping” appears under the ‘Shipping Method’ section of the admin panel and also in store front end. Admin can add multiple shipping services for both domestic and international shipping, set attributes for product dimensions and configure other settings easily.


    Securepay is one of the prominent Magento extensions designed for customers’ secure payments made through SecureXML gateway. It is a flexible, reliable and scalable extension built to accept payments but not refunds.

    Social Media Sharing

    If you are a Magento store owner and keen to boost social promotion of your store, then Magento Social Promotion extension is the perfect choice. With the help of several Social Media platforms, modules are promoted to amplify revenue and sales of the online stores.

    Email Newsletters

    Advanced Newsletter a newsletter extension offers extensive email marketing functionalities – from newsletter signups to mailing list building to actual email campaigns. Using Advanced Newsletter, one would get various subscription segments for their customers. If you want to convert, retain, cross sell or upsell, then this feature rich extension serves all purposes.

    Customised Delivery Date

    Ever thought of having a feature on an online store where you, as a customer can select the date on which your order should be delivered? Delivery Date Scheduler provides such a solution and makes it easy for customers to manage their order delivery. This user-friendly Magento extension helps define maximum and minimum delivery time intervals with allowed days of week and dates. Delivery date scheduler is one of the leading delivery date extensions in the Magento marketplace and is backed up by good support.

    Inventory Stock Management

    Out of Stock Notification is a great helping hand for improving inventory management of your store. It creates a notification for out-of-stock products and send notification email to customers who subscribe for notification. This not only generates leads but increases chances for product sale.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate is the perfect Magento extension to create your own affiliate program and grow affiliate network which promotes your online business. You can have enhance marketing to multi level, get flexible commission, track affiliates and many other benefits by integrating Affiliate extension to stores.

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    Hi! Thank you for sharing!

    The following extensions for Magento will definitely help to optimize your store functionality and attract even more potential customers:

    Sliding Panels in Stickers & Memos extension for Magento creates custom expandable side panels and helps to insert them anywhere - top, left, right, bottom of the page. You will be able to add information about discounts, sales, creates tips, or adds images, links, videos, and widgets.

    Customer's Menu Manager extension for Magento helps to manage configure customer menu on dashboard. The extension provides ability to add or hide some existing menu items, or create different menus for different store views.

    Realtime Activity extension for Magento shows the current customers' activity. A small popup with the list of recent activities is displayed at the left-bottom corner on Frontend.

    Category Tabs extension for Magento creates tabs on category pages. All necessary information will be structured about the category’s products. The convenient WYSIWYG editor helps to customize tab's content, add links, images, videos, and text.

    CMS Display Rules extension for Magento manages the visibility of CMS pages or static blocks for different customer groups. There is also ability to set the time limitation or redirect customers to an external page.

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    You can try some more extension that helps you to give boost your online store

    1) Advanced Testimonials:
    Attract more visitors to Purchase products and services at your store with helps of Advanced Testimonials Magento 2 extension.

    2) Cancel order by customer:
    It allows user to cancel the order easily from front end.

    3) Check COD:
    Easily check whether Cash On Delivery facility is available on not in particular zip code using this Check COD Magento 2 Extension.

    4) Product Reviews:
    This extension allows customer to upload image with product review form. This extension will increase your sales, reduce the number of rejections or returns goods, decorate review page, will increase the number of visitors.

    5) Request For Quote:
    You can receive quote requests through your online customers with this extension. It allows shoppers to suggest new price for multiple products with single click and the admin can accept/reject the proposal.

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    Awesome List. I would also recommend another list that is also great, especially with people are using Magento 2.

    1. Follow Up Email / Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2: With Follow Up Email extension for Magento 2 the shopping cart abandonment rate will be significantly down. If you want to increase the conversion rate and drive more sales in your store, you should refer to Follow Up Email extension. With this extension installed in your Magento 2 store, the shopping cart abandonment rate will be significantly down. In addition, the relationship between your store and customers, and the sales in your store will be improved better.

    2. Call For Price/Hide Price for Magento 2: Call For Price extension for Magento 2 offers numerous advantages to customers such as removing price and Add To Cart button for specific products and replacing it with a Call For Price button in Catalog, Wishlist, Compare page and notifying to site owner via email. That will help increase the contact between customers and your Magento store.

    3. FAQ Management for Magento 2: With the support of FAQ extension for Magento 2, your FAQ page will be informative as well as SEO friendly. Besides, you can also create a great page with a list of questions concerned to support for your customers.

    4. Social Login for Magento 2: Allow customers quickly to register to your Magento store using their social network account. Social Login extension for Magento 2 - a tool giving your customers the best advantage. Support 7 most popular social networks such as Facebook, G+, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Amazon and Linkedin. With the account in these networks, your customers can access to your Magento 2 store without signing up. Moreover, if customers have not registered yet on your store, it will automatically register their social network account to your store. In case your customers have more than one social network accounts which are available for registering, they can choose which one they need to sign up your store.

    5. Advanced Search for Magento 2: Advanced Search extension for Magento 2 works as a tool which helps customers instantly find the necessary products as well information they want. As version for Magento 1, Advanced Search for Magento 2 also contains the awesome features and functions which allow customers finding items in your website easier. With the support of Advanced Search extension, the searching in your Magento 2 website will become easier than ever.

    Hope this help!!!

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    15 Best Magento Extensions You Must Have in 2017

    If you own an independent ecommerce store, you might be aware of the word “Ecommerce Extensions”. The word extension itself suggests that it can “extend” or add extra functions to your ecommerce store. Right from managing inventory and tracking sales to creating invoices, these extensions can prove to be a real boon to boost your online business.

    Name:  Best-Magento-Extensions-You-Must-Have-in-2017.png
Views: 28
Size:  45.4 KB

    While searching for these ecommerce plugins, you are sure to come across a number of them on the web. However, finding the right extension for your store can prove to be overwhelming. To help you overcome this confusion, we have come up with a brief list of 15 most valuable Magento extensions which can help you enhance the functionality of your ecommerce store. Using these, you can take care of most of the tasks pertaining to your online store and help your business stand out from the competitors.

    1. Advance Product Designer

    Whether you are selling t-shirts, mugs, mobile covers or pillows; there’s no scope of boosting your sales if you do not provide with product customization. As the consumer demands are evolving with each passing day, it is important to provide with products that are appealing and created based on the choice of your customer. If you want to unleash the creative streak of your customers, try integrating Advance Product Designer to your Magento Store. It is a Magento based product designer tool that can help your customers to add text, graphics and cliparts to their favourite product and design as per their preferences. They can also have a preview of the products and order for them once they are print-ready.

    2. MageMob Cart

    MageMob Cart is a Magento mobile application extension which has been specifically designed for eCommerce stores to build a customized mobile app for their Magento Store swiftly and effortlessly. As you can create native apps using MageMob Cart, you can offer user-friendly experience to your customers on both iOS and Android platforms and they can access your store from anywhere. You can also provide many other useful features like Product Search, Product Reviews and Notifications for customers and admin etc. You can choose to check out other features of this extension.

    3. Language Translator

    This is a great extension for the ecommerce store owners who prefer multi-lingual stores. By using Magento product language translator extension, you can easily translate your store content into any other language which is suitable for your audiences. As you can translate and edit any part of your store, it becomes easier for you to reach a wider range of customer base. Language translator helps you to translate product details, CMS page details, store reviews and more. No more language blues!

    4. Australia Post Shipping

    If you have an ecommerce store based in Australia, Magento australia post shipping extension is sure to take your shipping woes away! Australia Post offers with manifold options to manage your store’s shipping without visiting the Australia Post Shipping website. Once you integrate Australia Post Shipping Extension to your store, there won’t be any need for you to waste your time and efforts going to the official website and setting up delivery for different shipments. You can generate shipping rates, add multiple shipping options, get a label printing option and do much more!

    5. Fedex Smart Shipping

    Fedex Smart Shipping enables store admins to take care of different aspects of FedEx freight shipping right from their own dashboard. Using this Magento Fedex shipping extension, you can perform several functions like manage shipment tracking, get live shipping rates, validate addresses, offer multiple delivery options and arrange for consignment pick up. You just need to install the plugin, configure the settings and you will be done. Integrating FedEx shipping with your store was never so easy!

    6. MageMob Admin

    Magemob Admin extension is a boon for ecommerce store owners who are always on the move! It helps them to manage important aspects of their Magento store backend from their mobile. By using this Magento mobile assistant extension, they can take care of product orders, stocks, new order notifications, order details and much more even when they are not around their workplace. MageMob admin is available in both extension and mobile app forms. (for iOS and Android) Once you start using Magento store manager mobile application, you will no longer miss out on product order, run out of stock and always make product deliveries on time! Isn’t that fantastic?

    7. SEO Hub

    Handling Search Engine Optimization for an wide-ranging ecommerce store can prove to be quite daunting. SEO Hub is an one of the best seo extension for Magento as it enables you to manage meta tags, data feeds, canonical URLs and much more. Apart from the features that are provided by a conventional extensions, it also offers some value added features like setting the amount of products on which the template can be applied, provision to set limits for metadata, notifications when execution goes wrong etc. Using this extension, you can ensure that your ecommerce store ranks high on some of the best search engines. What more could you ask for?!

    8. Delivery Date Scheduler

    Online buyers of today hate the word “anticipation”. If you do not want to disappoint your customers and make delivery of products on the dates decided by them, Delivery Date Scheduler is your way to go! Once you install this Magento order delivery date extension, you will be able to provide your customers with the convenient delivery dates on your ecommerce store and they will be able to decide their preferable time of delivery. You can also add a calendar view and format for the date and time of arrival to be displayed to your customers. This extension takes care of your delivery deadlines like an expert.

    9. Australia Post eParcel

    This again, is a useful extension for ecommerce store owners who are looking for eparcel shipping solutions in Australia. You can handle Australia Post eParcel Shipping right from your Magento store without visiting Australia Post eParcel Portal. It of course, keeps you away from the task of manual data importing and you also do not have to spend on label printing as you can do it right from your store. Fetching live rates from the official website, managing consignment labels and tracking shipments has never been easier! Make sure you check how it works.

    10. Shop By Brand

    A perfect app for the ecommerce store owners having brand conscious customers, Shop by Brand magento extension helps you to make brand shopping easy. It enables the store owners to add brand feature to products and show products clearly with their brand name and specifications. You can now filter the products brandwise, add brands menu, dedicate a separate page for each brand, create brand sliders and do much more. This product can be obtained at the most cost-effective rates.

    11. MageMob Inventory

    Are you looking for Magento inventory management software that can help you manage stocks competently? MageMob Inventory might come to your rescue. Using it, you can take care of the stock details while you are on the move. It has modules like inventory logs, purchase order creation, supplier management etc. You simply cannot find a better all-inclusive Inventory Management Solution. It is also available in Android and iOS based mobile app. Keep your inventory management issues at bay using MageMob Inventory.

    12. Quotation Manager

    If you do not like yourself and your customers through the prolonged process of asking for quotes through email and you proposing the quote back and forth, Magento quotation manager extension is the perfect extension to serve your needs. Once you integrate it with your store, customers can ask for a quote and you can propose it from the store itself. One of the most major benefits of this extension is that it can help you to keep your prices discreet without displaying it in public. Also, you can receive email notification on every step of the quotation process.

    13. Advance Search With Solr

    It can prove to be exhausting and time consuming for the customers to search products on an ecommerce store having thousands of products. Through Advance Search with Solr extension, you can provide your customers with swift and refined results. This means they can find exactly what they are looking for in no time! If you yearn to provide faster and advanced level Magento search extension, you must choose to integrate this beauty. This extension integrates Solr search with your Magento store, giving you enterprise level search functionalities.

    14. MageMob POS

    Looking forward to make hassle free sales in your next trade show/exhibition? No need to worry about placing orders on behalf of your customers as you can use MageMob POS (Point of Sale) application for the same. The app has a user-friendly dashboard and helps you to access your store from anywhere and order using your iPad/Android tab while interacting with your client. It is a perfect Magento POS extension for all ecommerce businesses making offline sales.

    15. Gift Promotions on Cart Total

    You can now reward your loyal customer base through gifts and promotional items using this extension. When the cart total of your customers crosses a certain amount, you can display the promotional offers you want. You can also boost your store revenue inducing them to purchase more gift items. This Magento gift product extension is extremely easy to configure and install for the customers and admin.

    These are some of the best Magento Extensions that will help you make a splash with your online store in the year 2017. In case you haven’t decided which extension to buy, you can go through the entire list of our Magento extensions and go through all of them to find the one that can fulfill your current needs. You can also read different reviews and testimonials given by customers who have used our Magento extensions to make sure you choose the right product.

    When we develop our Magento extensions, we keep the demands of current ecommerce businesses in mind. Are you ready to make them a part of your ecommerce business?

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    I’m a customer and I go to your shop and find the product I need. Ohh, I like this product but I have some questions and need your answers before I buy the product. So, I have to visit contact page or send an email to you and wait. It is probably taking long time for me to get answered or mine will be missed forever. However, I don’t usually have much time to wait and maybe, I will go to Google to search for all information I need and I can buy this product from other shops. As a result, you will likely lose a client like me.

    As a matter of fact, you certainly don’t want to lose customers for such a circumstance. You want to supplement a good utility for your online shop which facilitates your customers to enter their questions of the products and get answered instantly right there. That would be a perfect solution and it’s exactly what our Magento product questions extension is providing.

    Name:  benefit.png
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    Try your Magento 2 Portfolio extension download FREE and let me know about it. Join Magento Club Themes - Pay just once but get a bunch of benefits

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    On a e-commerce website, using videos for advertising and direction of using products not only helps customers understand clearly about products, but also builds the trust of customers on those products and your website. In fact, this is an amazing feature for any Magento-based websites that allows admin to add videos for products shown on product details page.

    As an ecommerce outsourcing company with more than six years of experiences, We have received lots of inquiries for videos placement on product details page presently. So, we realized that we should develop an extension to allow a lot of magento websites to easily install and use this great feature. With Product video extension, admin can add videos for the products they want and the videos will be shown on the product details page, which will help the customers to have the most visualized look about the products and other information.

    Try your Magento 2 Portfolio extension download FREE and let me know about it. Join Magento Club Themes - Pay just once but get a bunch of benefits

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    Thanks for the info !

    You can also check Modulebazaar Marketplace extensions,

    Magento Out Of Stock Notification Extension

    Allows user to enter Email Id for ‘Out of Stock’ products.
    Notify users once stock is added.
    Automatically send emails to users on stock replenishment.
    Maintain the status of notifications in Notification List
    The admin has the option to delete items from Notify List

    Magento Quick Look Extension

    Visitors can quickly add products to their carts without having to wait for the actual product page to load
    Reduces server load
    Expedites shopping
    Reduces the number of clicks needed to buy a product
    It enables visitors to view product details on a listing page
    It eradicates and repeating page reloads
    It minimize the time for the users during the shopping
    Simple and easy to use configuration settings.

    Magento Shortlist Extension

    Ease comparision option.
    Unlimited number of products to compare.
    Product slideshow option.
    Show / Hide the widget option.
    Products in the widget links to product detailed page.
    The module uses the AJAX technology to add the products
    Friendly interface.
    Easy installation.

    Magento Reward Points & Loyalty Program Extension

    Earn Reward points on User Purchase Actions like Purchase,Birthday Purchase, Referral Purchase, Product Review.
    Earn Reward points on customer activities like Referral, Participation on Poll, Tagging product, Subscribing to Newsletter
    Earn Reward points by participating in Social Media activity like, FB Like, Twitter and Google Plus Share.
    Attract customer to spend more and earn more Reward Points
    Send email alerts to users on various Reward Actions
    View Report on rewards spend and earned
    Create rules for user purchase actions
    View advanced pictorial representation of the reports
    Reward points on specific product, category and listing page
    Admin can control the maximum reward points for a day
    Reward users with Bonus Points for user action and allow them to redeem during checkout

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