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4 best Magento 2 extensions for multiple store views

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    Default 4 best Magento 2 extensions for multiple store views

    Default Magento 2 store views really have many drawbacks that limit owners to customize their stores Therefore, Magento 2 extensions are ideal solutions to overcome defaults limitation and bring more and more useful functions for users. Lets see some 4 following extensions and find out which is the best one for your site:

    1. Multiple Store View Pricing for Magento 2

    This extensions allows you to set up different prices or special prices of products per store view

    For example:

    + Price in English store view is 100

    Name:  magento_2_multiple_store_view_pricing-english.png
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    + Price in French store view is 200

    Name:  magento_2_multiple_store_view_pricing-french.png
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    In addition, it can also help to set up base currency for each store view, which make customers to checkout by currency of store view conveniently.

    2. Shopping Cart Price Rule per Store View for Magento 2 and Catalog Price Price Rule per Store View for Magento 2

    Both of these 2 extensions help to create price rules for each store view or multiple store views at one time. Default Magento 2 only allows to setting up rules for the whole website, not for store view level.

    For example: (Shopping cart price rule per store view)

    + The rule 20% OFF for orders including 3 or more products is set up for English store view

    Name:  english_store_view_-_shopping_cart_price_rule_per_store_view_magento_2.png
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    + The rule 30% OFF for orders which has subtotal greater than $500 for French store view

    3. Checkout with Display Currency for Magento 2

    As you know, customers can only checkout with one one base currency of the website, disregarding of store views they buy products from. Therefore, if a store with multiple store views, it is inconvenient for customers when they have to convert their own currencies into a base currency.
    Therefore, this module helps to customers to checkout with the display currency of their own store views they purchase product and go to checkout.

    For example: In French store view with Display currency as Euro (set up in the backend), customer buy products in this store view and checkout with Euro.

    Check it out for FREE Installation, FREE 1-year Support and FREE Update!

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    Thank you for sharing!

    The following Magento 2 extensions are great and useful tools for managing multiple store views:

    1. Dynamic Product Options extension for Magento 2 allows to configure custom options for different store views separately. You are able to add certain custom options, manage and translate them for certain store views.
    Check out how to edit custom options for different store views in our blog.

    2. Product Questions and Answers for Magento 2 allows to manage the global settings per different store views as well as choose store views where questions and answers can be submitted.

    3. Product Tabs extension for Magneto 2 allows to edit system tabs or add custom ones per certain store views. There is also possibility to translate options.

    4. Registration Fields Manager extension for Magento 2 adds various registration fields for different store views and allows to translate the labels.

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    Also check out LookBook Magento 2 Extension- a magical tool which allows you to create multiple image collections for your products basing on the images you upload.
    This Magento 2 allows you to create multiple image collections for your products basing on the images you upload. This function does't only help the website owners ensure the power of cross-selling of multiple complementary products but also give their customers convenient shopping experience by presenting products in a nice and compelling way. Let’s check the content of the standard pack at the detail page !
    For M1:
    For M2:
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