Default Magento 2 only allows us to set up prices and special prices of a product for the Website level. Therefore, a product has the same prices in every store of the website and in every store views of the store. If a store owner want to sell a product at different prices for each store view, he can try an extension called Multiple Store View Pricing for Magento 2.

- Help to set up different prices and special prices of products per Magento store view

+ Price in English store view is £ 100

Name:  magento_2_multiple_store_view_pricing-english.png
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+ Price in French store view is € 200

Name:  magento_2_multiple_store_view_pricing-french.png
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- Help to set up base currency for each store view in order allow customers to checkout with base currency of each store view

Name:  magento_2_multiple_store_view_pricing-checkout.png
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- Work with all product types

- Work with Shopping Cart Price Rule per Store View and Catalog Price Rule per Store View

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