Email has become one of the most effective tools for people to communicate and keep in touch with each other. It can be seen that email is widely applied into daily life. People can use it to interact with each other and build up relationship. Besides, they can make use of it to update information when working as a team. When it comes to email’s advantages, it seems to be uncountable. Besides those normal supports, email is also of great importance in business, especially in online business. It is a useful mean for store owners to contact and build up relationship with their customers.

Understanding the great advantages of email in e-commerce, MageHit introduced an extension called Follow Up Email for Magento 2. The major focus of this extension is to make use of emails to solve the abandoned cart problem.

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Now, let’s read the following information to understand how this extension work with the support of email.

Reduce the rate of abandoned cart

Once there is an abandoned cart, the first and the most essential thing for store owners is to remind customers of their cart as soon as possible. In this case, store owners are highly recommended to use Follow Up Email for Magento 2 to sovlve this problem. This extension will help store tackle abandoned carts by sending an email to customers as soon as they leave their cart. This email is to notify them and send them the link to come back to their cart. Thanks to this convenience, the rate of abandoned cart can be reduced effectively.

Enhance the close relationship with customers

Email is used for not only reducing the rate of abandoned carts but also building up the relationship with customers. Thanks to email, store owners can contact frequently with customers. They can send customers gifts, coupon codes. Especially, it is very easy for them to send greetings to customers on their birthdays. Due to the constant interaction, the relationship between customers and online store owners can become closer.

It can be seen that Follow Up Email for Magento 2 has taken a lot of advantages from email. Besides the information that we have just mentioned, there are many other interesting features of this extension. For those who are looking for the best tool which supports the use of email on e-commerce websites, Magento 2 Follow Up Email is the only answer for them. Let’s come to Magento 2 store to have great experience with this extension!

>>>Link to Magento 2 Follow Up Email

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