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Best Seller Products Extension by MageHit - the best extension to display products

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    Default Best Seller Products Extension by MageHit - the best extension to display products

    It’s essential for entrepreneurs to promote sale to get profit. If they can’t sell their products, it is obvious that there will be no profit for them. So, how to sell as many products as possible? The key is advertising. By this way, store owners can easily attract customer’s attention; therefore, it’s easier for them to sell a product. One of the major tasks of advertising products is to display them attractively. Especially for e-commerce, the display of products is much essential than ever. When shopping in online store, customers can only know about your products through images. Therefore, it is a big mistake if you don’t pay attention to developing the display of products. A recommendation for those who want to promote products effectively is to use special extensions.

    One of the best extensions which can support to display products is Best Seller Products Extension by MageHit. Though people don’t need to pay anything to get it, it doesn’t mean that it cannot work well. In fact, it is said to bring a lot of benefits for store owners. In the following part, we are going to offer readers some information about this extension as well as the reason why it can benefit store owners a lot.

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    The first and most important reason is that Best Seller Products is a totally free extension; therefore store owners need to pay nothing to get it. When comparing with other extensions which require people to pay a certain amount of money, Best Seller Products Extension by MageHit seems to be much better. It not only helps to save money for store owners but also works well to display products effectively. It is easy to understand why store owners seem to be highly in favor of this free extension.

    Besides, another reason is that Best Seller Products is the best tool for store owners to display products professionally. To work effectively, MageHit creates a lot of beautiful features for Best Seller Products Extension. Below is a list of main features of this extension:

    1. Best Seller Products can be run perfectly on any device ( Laptop, PC, Tablet, Smartphone and so on) thanks to the mobile friendly design

    2. It is very easy for store owners to install, use and update this extension

    3. It is possible for store owners to use short code to run this extension professionally

    4. Store owners can adjust sliders flexibly to make it fit with their websites

    As readers can see, Best Seller Products extension is a wonderful extension which has a lot of wonderful features to support store owners. It not only works well to bring profit but also helps to save a lot of money. Because of these reasons, it is essential for store owners to bring Best Seller Products to their website. It is highly recommended that they should install this extension as soon as possible.

    >> Get more information here

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    Very fabulous extension!

    You can also check out one more extension here: Best Seller Products – Magento 2 Extension

    With the help of this extension you can easily show best selling products on your Magento 2 eCommerce store and attract more visitors to your online store effectively.

    Key Features:
    • Fully customizable interface
    • Show in sidebar
    • Show system generated product
    • Use as a widget
    • Support directly add to cart
    • Rich configurable options
    • Adds valuable credibility
    • Drive attention of visitors
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    Top Magento Extensions To Double Your Store Sales

    Event Booking - Ticket Reservation

    Almost everyone out there is looking for some sort of entertainment after a tiring weekend and this is where our Event Booking – Ticket reservation Magento Extension can help you attract a great number of visitors to your website.

    This allows users to make their bookings in advance for an event with an option to select the seats as per their choice with just a few clicks. A website owner can easily add, delete or edit the events. Creating different categories for selling tickets is also available for admin.

    Add Multiple Products to Cart

    With Add Multiple Products to Cart Magento2 Extension, your visitors can easily reduce the time required to explore products and select the ones that they’re interested in. It lets them add multiple products to cart without leaving the catalog page and keep exploring more options available for them.

    It’s a great choice for those who's visiting your Magento2 store to place bulk order. They can view multiple products and define the quantity they would want to purchase of the product.

    Quick Search By Brand

    No matter how advanced and robust Magento2 is, but the default search functionality is still not able to surpass clients’ expectations. This is why the ‘Quick Search By Brand Magento2 Extension’ is here to integrate a super-fast and user-friendly search feature to your Magento2 store. This extension is designed to showcase page listing of all brands in an alphabetic manner.

    This lets online buyers to quickly search the brand they’re looking for, saving a lot of time. The hover effect feature displays the list of available brands in a stylish way. Also, this helps store owners to find out the bestselling brand.

    Daily Deals / Multiple Deals

    If you want to prepare for the upcoming festival season and want to promote great deals in a whole new way, then Daily Deals / Multiple Deals Magento2 Extension will be a smart choice. With this extension, store owners can display amazing deals with discount prices, product images, and eye-catching countdown timer. This extension easily lets you grab the attention of visitors to some highlighted deals with countdown timer and discount, showing how much money they can save. The countdown timer would deactivate the deal once the time of up.

    Visitors can also review all the deals in three tabs: current, past, and upcoming deals. Just try it once and then see the traffic and sales result on your site.

    Request A Quote

    Impress your customers and enhance your store credibility by offering them a channel to communicate with you and negotiate price for the product at your store with Request a Quote Magento2 Extension. This extension allows shoppers to suggest new price for multiple products at one time and the admin can accept or reject the proposal.

    Consumers can fill up the given format front-end and submit it. Once the quote is submitted, store admin will be informed and can either approve or disapprove the request for the particular product. Both the consumer and store owners are informed via email notifications regarding important updates. This extension encourages customers to buy more products at lower prices.

    Blue Dart Shipping Integration

    Believe it or not, but consumers love to shop from the eCommerce platforms that offer Cash on Delivery option. Nearly 70% of online buyers make their final decision only after they’re offered the facility. The ‘Blue Dart Shipment Integration Magento2 extension’ enables your visitors to check the availability of Cash on Delivery by providing their zip code. It applies shipment charges as per the Blue Dart rules. If buyer’s delivery location falls under the locations where Cash on Delivery is offered by Blue Dart then it will display the “Available” option.

    After the order is placed, a PDF is generated and sent to the sales department via email when a new order is placed on the store. The PDF includes all order details in the form of a barcode.

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    A rough house can not live and just like a non-functional website, you can not sell
    I have some suggestions for you about Magento 2 Ecommerce Solutionshere.

    I. Mega Menu
    Magento 2 Mega Menu extension help owner store to manage and display all kinds of information flexibly optimizing your website navigation performance.

    1. Flexible Menu Layouts
    2. Horizontal Magento navigation menu
    3. Vertical Magento navigation menu
    4. Both Horizontal and Vertical Menu
    5. 7 types of mega menu
    6. Select menu item position
    7. Color Setting
    8. Optimize options with menu
    9. Responsive
    More details at:

    II. Layered Navigation
    Magento 2 Layered Navigation equip your store with a user-friendly navigation system to let customers browse your product catalog in the most comfortable way. It includes full of product attributes your customer need to filter the desired items and purchase them quickly.
    Especially, integrating Ajax technology allow showing all search results instantly on the current page without reloading the whole page.

    More details at:

    III. Quick View
    Magento 2 Quickview allow customers preview product information with quick process. It is helpful for the shopping expericence

    1. Customize quick view button
    2. Preview product info on a category page
    3. Add products to cart from the quick view window
    4. Write and submit reviews from the preview pop-up
    5. Improve product browsing process
    More details at:

    IV. Advanced Ajax Search
    Advanced Ajax Search for Magento 2 allows customers to promptly find necessary products. A searchbox is fitted with an informative quick search window.

    1. Include product attributes in search algorithm
    2. Show recent and popular searches on the first click
    3. Display results based on popular searches, categories and CMS pages
    4. Display Add to cart button and product reviews
    5. Load More products button
    6. Customize autocomplete window layout
    More details at:

    V. Ajax Shopping Cart
    Magento 2 Ajax Shopping Cart extension provides comfortable shopping experience. Customers can easily select configurable options and edit items in the pop up without wasting time on page reloads.

    1. User-friendly shopping process
    2. Stylish Magento 2 AJAX cart pop up
    3. Additional way to gently promote related items
    4. Support of custom options and configurable products
    5. Equip Magento 2 stores with AJAX conformation windows of 2 different types
    6. Fully optimized for mobile
    More details at:

    VI. One Step Checkout
    One Step Checkout for Magento 2 help speed up the whole shopping process and significantly enhance customer satisfaction. Use GeoIP to help visitors fill address fields easy and let them easily edit product options right on the checkout.

    1. You can customize checkout page design
    2. Allow customers edit product options on the checkout
    3. Set default preselected values for particular checkout fields as shipping or payment method, ...
    4. Use GeoIP detection and Google Address suggestions
    5. Display delivery date and time options
    6. Login on the Checkout page or Create an Account after the order was successful
    More detail at:

    I hope the above products will be useful to you
    If you have any questions, please let me know.
    Thanks and Best regards,

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