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How to setup newsletter magento 2?

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    Default How to setup newsletter magento 2?


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    Are you looking for an easy and effective system that is perfect for list building;
    to create, send and track emails to your customers?

    Now that with the upgradation of Magento 2, it undoubtedly has become easier
    than ever. In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup newsletter Magento 2.

    First of all, follow these steps to enable newsletter on your site.
    Admin panel > Stores > Configuration > Advanced (under Advanced)

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    Go to Magento_Newsletter and choose Enable mode

    Then, to make sure your system is valid, follow these steps:
    Admin panel > Configuration > Advanced > System

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    1. Configure newsletter setting on your site

    Admin panel > Stores > Configuration > Customers > Newsletter

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    In this configuration page, you are going to see these following fields:

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    If you are not good in coding or facing some problems in setup the newsletter then you can check out Advanced Newsletter Magento 2 extension also.
    It will help you to get more subscribers to your website. Not only for Email subscription, you can use it for display your blog, offers, new launch product and many more.

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    Configure Newsletters in Magento 2

    Configuring Newsletter in the backend is required if you want to create newsletters for your site. Newsletters are important documents to inform clients regularly of your store’s activities particularly as promotions, discounts or loyalty programs. Thus, setting up newsletters is the perfect step for customer loyalty.

    Within the configuration, you can give a confirmation link that the customers need to click on to complete the subscription process. The process that requires customers to take a secondary step to verify the subscription is called the double opt-in1 method. Applying this method will reduce the spam to your newsletters.

    Tip: Using FREE Newsletter popup extension of Mageplaza can boost loyalty customer by email subscription.

    Set up the Subscription Options in Magento 2

    On the Admin Panel, Stores > Settings > Configuration.

    Under Customers tab, select Newsletter
    In the Subcription Options section, you need to do:

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    Set the email template and sender to Success Email, Confirmation Email and Unsubscription Email that suscribers will receive.

    To require the customer’s confirmation, choose Yes in the Need to Confirm field.

    Allow guests who don’t have Magento account on your site receive newsletters, set Allow Guest Subscriptions to Yes.

    Save Config to complete.

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    It is a very known fact that Newsletters play an important part in eCommerce site marketing. If you have a list of your customers' emails, then you can easily inform them about new products, specials, promos, etc. Magento 2 is equipped with a bunch of newsletter features out of the box.

    So are you all set to start working with this functionality on your MG2 store? Here, I have listed the complete steps below:

    To configure newsletter in Magento 2, open the Admin Panel and hit the 'Configuration' button in the Stores' tab. Then, select the 'Newsletters' option from the 'Customers' drop-down. Here, you’ll find the email templates selection for different cases (like subscription or unsubscription). Also, here are some options, that are used for detailed newsletters configuration.

    Important options to pay attention to are:

    Need to Confirm – set to 'Yes,' if customers need to confirm subscription in the first confirmation they receive from you,

    Confirmation Email Sender – this is the 'From' field in that confirmation email,

    Allow Guest Subscription – if this is set to 'Yes', unregistered store visitors (guests) will also be able to subscription to your newsletter.

    Newsletters templates configuration

    To manage newsletters templates in Magento 2, jump to the 'Marketing' tab and select the 'Newsletter Template' option. Click the 'Add New Template' button to create a new template.

    From here, you should specify template name, template subject, sender name and sender email.

    Don’t forget to enter the main information into the 'Template Content' field. Then, hit the 'Save' button to save the template configuration.
    Newsletters distribution

    The easiest thing left to do is to send our your newsletters. It's a no-brainer task in Magento 2.First, click the 'Marketing' tab and select the 'Newsletter Template' option. Select a template and choose the 'Queue Newsletter' option from the drop-down. Finally, you will need to set the date and time to start sending. That's it.
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    You also download Free Popup for Magento 2
    One of the most common and effective method to increase conversion rate is using Popup ads. However, you should consider to display your Popup at the right time and in the right way to avoid creating annoyance. Free Popup for Magento 2 meets all requirements for an eye-catching Popup with comfortable display.
    You can fully control the appearance of your pop-ups by defining the following options:
    Html content with any widgets or shortcode.
    Set popup visible for all pages or just homepage.
    Show popup for special customer group.
    Window dimensions.
    Start and end date (you can set countdown time visible on popup).
    Background for popup.

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