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Magento FAQ Management Extension by MageHit

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    Default Magento FAQ Management Extension by MageHit

    Along with development of websites, the number of special tools which supports to develop websites has dramatically increased recently. One of the most popular ones is Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Why does this extension become popular? As you know, there are a large number of websites as well as tons of information created day by day, it is very difficult for internet users to find information. Therefore, this tool is created to help to lessen those difficulties.

    With its practical advantages, it is applied in many different websites including the shopping websites. In general, FAQ supports people well; however, if it is supported by extensions, it can even work better. In the following part, we are going to suggest people an extension which can develop the function of FAQ effectively. It is Magento FAQ Management. This extension is an achievement of MageHit, a leading extension provider.
    To understand how this extension work to benefit store owners and customers, let’s read the following part.

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    I. Benefits for customers

    Customers can feel the clear difference between shopping in websites which apply FAQ Management and in normal websites. A list of functions of FAQ Management which supports for customers will be displayed below:

    • FAQ Management allows customers to search for information quickly and conveniently. They can find their problem and solve it on their own. In case they cannot find the answer for their question, they can make use of a form which helps to submit question for the website’s system. With the full support of this extension, customers will be fully supported.

    • Customers can see another clear difference which is the quality of answers when they use FAQ Management by MageHit. In normal system, they can only receive the result in text, however, with FAQ Management, customers will have better experience because the answer is supported by images and videos. It is obvious that answers by FAQ Managements will be much easier for them to understand.

    II. Benefits for store owners

    Besides supporting for customers, this extension also aims at bringing the best support for store owners. The following list is what FAQ Management by MageHit benefits them.

    • Store owners are allowed to manage the whole system of FAQ Management including the FAQ categories and FAQ items. They can easily change the setting on back end.

    • This FAQ extension also supports store owners to work effectively. Once there is a new answer submitted, an email will be created to send store owners. Therefore, store owners will never forget to respond the customers’ question.

    • It is very easy for store owners to control the working of FAQ. It takes them only 5-10 minutes to complete installing. The process of using, updating is also pretty easy.

    With the information that we have just offered above, it can be seen that FAQ Management is an essential extension for any online store in the world. Store owners are suggested to install this extension for their e-commerce system as soon as possible.

    >> Get more detailed information here

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    Thanks for your great suggestion. I have checked your recommendation. It's really a fantastic option.

    I would like to share one more FAQ extension that I have found recently which is known as FAQ Manager - Magento 2 Extension

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