The more your online business develops, the more problems you have to face up with. One of the most unpleasant problems which online store owners can never stay away from is the abandoned cart. Obviously, no online store owners want to see abandoned cart on their store. So, how to tackle this inevitable problem?

There is an effective tool which can erase abandoned carts effectively. It is called Magento Follow Up Email. This tool is one of the best extensions created by MageHit. In the following part, we would like to offer readers some information about this extension. What are the outstanding points inside this MageHits extension? Lets read to understand more.
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1. Remind customers of their abandoned cart easily

If the system recognizes an abandoned cart, it will immediately form an email to send for customers. This email not only reminds customers of their cart but also generate a direct URL for them to come back to that cart easily. It helps to save time a lot. Moreover, if customers seem to hesitate in the process of purchase, an email, again, will be sent for them to encourage them to finish the whole process.

2. Build up the close relationship with your customers easily

Follow Up Email can help to strengthen the relationship between customers and store owners effectively. If store owners want, they can form greetings to send customers on their birthday or give them the discount code to make them feel happy. Obviously, the long-term relationship will be built up effectively with the support of this extension.

3. Boost up the rate of sale

Once the good relationship is formed, customers tend to purchase more from your store. Besides, with the remind of Follow Up Email Extension, they are likely not to leave the cart anymore. As a result, the volume of sale will be increased significantly and more profit will be gained.

In general, Follow Up Email Extension by MageHit is considered the best tool to get rid of abandoned carts effectively. Besides that main function, it also helps to develop a better relationship between customers and store owners. Because of those functions, there is no doubt that Follow Up Email is an essential tool for e-commerce. Entrepreneurs are highly recommended to install this MageHits extension to manage their online system effectively.

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