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Magento 2 Call for Price by MageHit – hide price easily

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    Default Magento 2 Call for Price by MageHit – hide price easily

    When selling products, price is not always offered; the price should be hidden in particular cases. For example, in case your product has an instable price which can be changed frequently, you shouldn’t offer the price. Or hiding price can be applied even in case that product is free or out of stock. So, how can store owners hide price in these cases? In fact, it is quite difficult to cover the price from online websites. However, along with the quick development of technology, a feasible solution for this problem has been introduced. It is called Magento 2 Call For Price Extension.
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    Call for Price is an extension created by MageHit. The major focus of this extension is to help online store owners to erase the difficulty which we have just mentioned above – hiding price. So, how does this extension work? What are the advantages which store owners can gain from it? Let’s read the following part to understand more.
    1. How does Magento 2 Call For Price Extension by MageHit work?
    The normal button of “Add to cart” will be replaced by the new button - “Call for Price”. With this button, the price will be hidden. After customers click “Call for Price”, an responsive AJAX form will be displayed immediately for customers to fill in their request and contact details. As soon as the requirement is submitted, an email will be sent for admins. This email is to make sure that admins response to customers and don’t forget any requirement.
    2. How can Magento 2 Call For Price Extension bring advantages for users?
    Firstly, it can be seen that Call for Price Extension for Magento 2 has a logical working process which can bring good results under any circumstances. It helps to hide price and call for price easily.

    Another advantage derived from Magento 2 Call for Price is that admins have full right to control the working process of this extension. It should be noticed that they can choose to apply Call For Price function for specific products, categories and customer groups. The management is totally flexible.

    Last but not least, this extension has ability to protect your system from spams. By using Google reCaptcha, the spam from automatic account can be completely avoided. Before an email sent, the sender will have to confirm.

    All in all, Call For Price is an wonderful extension which should be installed and applied in online stores. Clients who choose to use MageHit Call For Price will never feel disappointed with the significant support by this Magento 2 extension.

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    Waoo! Wonderful collection. It's very awesome.

    I have also found one more extension: Call For Price - Magento 2 Extension. This extension helps to hides the product price of simple product and replaces it with “Call For Price” button. Customers can make request for a product price using submitting form on product details page, product list page and search result page.

    Check out its features:
    ➡️Easy to install & manage
    ➡️Enable/disable from backend
    ➡️Support multi-store environment
    ➡️Applies on product & category page
    ➡️Enable feature for specific time period
    ➡️Set custom message per item
    ➡️Make request for product price
    ➡️Notify via email

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