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Best extension to upload images for custom options of products

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    Default Best extension to upload images for custom options of products

    Although Magento default offers admins the function of creating different types of custom options for product, it does not support adding images for these custom options. Custom Option Image for Magento 2 is a quick and simple way to achieve that request.


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    1. Upload and assign images/colors for any custom options
    2. Show different images/colors/title/prices when choosing specific custom options
    3. Freely set image width and height of each option type
    4. Easily remove or retrieve the uploaded image/color in a click
    5. Support all Magento option types: drop-down, multiple select, radio button, checkbox
    6. Work with all product types
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    Thank you for sharing!
    Nice extension!

    If you are looking for modules that help to add custom options as well as add options dependencies, custom pricing, apply options templates and more, you can check out this Easy Product options extension for Magento 2.


    • Add options for certain store views
    • Different form styles
    • Conditional branching
    • Associate options to other products
    • Apply various validation rules
    • Add custom pricing
    • Add quantity for options
    • Add tier prices for options
    • Add shipping weight for options
    • Make fields visible for specific customer groups only
    • Options templates. Apply templates to multiple products in bulk
    • Ability to clone options
    • Upload images for radio buttons and check boxes
    • Developer tools: set CSS classes to fields, edit styles inline, CSS and JavaScript editors integrated
    • Ability to Export/Import/Backup dynamic options via a file

    Learn more about how to Edit Custom Options for Different Store Views in Magento 2.

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    Thank you for sharing!
    I also introduce an extension to help improve Magento 2 bundle product performance.
    Magento 2 Bundle Option Image developed by BSSCommerce can help you sale bundle products easily. With the help of Bundle Option Image for Magento 2, your products will be displayed more informative, all bundle item images in options are enabled.

    This module supports for all input options type of bundle product: drop-down, radio button, checkbox and multiple select.

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    Freely customize image size to be presented on the frontend.


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    Thanks for your sharing!
    There are many custom options extensions for Magento 2 in the market and it's so difficult to find out which is the best for your store. If you need to get an overview and comparison of these extensions, you can refer this article Top 10 Magento 2 Custom Options Extensions Free and Paid


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