Display products on the front page in Magento 2 store is a useful way for you to show your customers newly added products on the store’s homepage. Therefore, in my tutorial on Venustheme, I will give you guidance on displaying the product by adding a widget and feature products on home page.

1. Admin panel > Content > Pages (under Elements)
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2.When “Pages” section is opened, you will see a list of store’s pages, Select a product and then click on “Edit”
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3. Next, the page you want to edit will be opened; now you need to fulfill the “Page Title” and then click on Content. There will be a list of symbols, click on the second from upper-left “Insert Widget”.

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4. A window of Insert Widget is now opened; now click on “Widget Type” box and choose “Catalog New Products List” section
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5. After that, you need to complete smaller widget options.
• choose “New Product” for “Display Type”
• choose “Display Page Control” mode
• fulfill in “Number of Products to Display”
• choose “New Product Grid Template”
• enter your “cache Lifetime”
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6. When you finish, click on “Insert Widget” button.
Then, come back to the page you have just been working on, you can see your new product icon which enable it to visible with your customers. Then, click on “Save Page” button to end process.
Here is my tutorial on displaying new products on the frontpage of Magento 2. Hope it helps well!

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