As it says: Prevention is better than Cure! The same goes here, safe your Magento eStore from Ransomware attacks.

If you are a retailer of an online store, then the safety of your store should be your first concern. You have to save your Magento store from all kind of online ransom attacks and cyber-extortions because this kind of attacks have now become so familiar that your Magento store can go through the worst situations.

What is Ransomware Attack??

The moment when the attacker has access to any website files, that are encrypted and are hidden somewhere on your server on the internet, is called ransomware attack. Now these attackers hold the website owners for ransom. Payment is in the form of Bitcoins, the digital currency which is latest and popular in exchange, to retrieve your store data. When the retailer pays them, they will send the decryption key to decrypt the data which they encrypt when they hack the site. Else if the details dont pay the attackers often increases the price.

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