If I was a merchant, choosing the best version to develop an eStore according to my business needs, would be a very big headache for me. I wonder if that would be for you or not!

Not to mention this article is all here to help you choosing the best version to go with your business needs. Now, merchants love to build e-commerce store with Magento because of all the features that this platform has.

The choice of Magento is done after the merchant compare Magento versions.

Every platform of Magento have its own rich features whether it is Magento Community features or Magento Enterprise features. Each of the version has its own features according to your needs. At first, the free version might seem right but with a thorough study and comparing to the business needs Premium version might be the best solution.

The points that can help you choose between Magento go vs community vs enterprise to build an ecommerce store with Magento are provided in this article but first lets have a look on the current solutions that Magento Support.

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