Use trigger emails to engage and maintain your customers interest! As you can seem, Faster follow-ups will help you nurture conversation and convert sales.

Our Magento 2 Follow Up Email lets you send custom email based on customer activities. Let's use email marketing to increase conversion rate & drive more sales now.

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Outstanding Features that makes you fall in love with Magento 2 Follow Up Email

  • Multiple event types
  • Targeting options
  • Built-in email templates
  • Send emails automatically
  • Create an emails blacklist
  • Schedule to send SMS message
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart Reminder
  • Increase the number of repeated purchases with custom email templates
  • Create Unlimited Rules & Condition For Different Events As You Need
  • Customize design of any email template as your need
  • Use Google Analytics to measure the efficiency of your email campaign.
  • Send Test Emails to check whether the template is generated correctly.
  • Schedule to send email on different time automatically
  • Send emails suggesting up-selling, related or cross-selling items.

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