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As you know, Magento is open-source. So you can customize your themes easily. When you create Magento 2
Child theme which is inherited and you are able to take any items in the parent theme. You can correspond your
theme for exact themes you want. This tutorial will show you step-by-step “ How to create child theme on venusthemes?

1. Create child theme folder which was placed on the same folder of parent theme

(ex: app/design/frontend/Venustheme/).We will try to Create a child theme of Oshop theme.

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2. Copy files:

LICENSE.txt, LICENSE_AFL.txt and folders: etc/, Magento_Theme/, media/ from parent theme(copy from folder ../Venustheme/oshop/)
to the child theme folder. We will have: ../Venustheme/oshop_child/etc, /Magento_theme, media/ (Note: You can copy there other folders
if you want to custom from parent theme. Ex: web/ and Ves_Themesettings/)

3. Create the file: theme.xml with content as this:

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Venustheme/oshop is parent theme name: Venustheme/oshop

4. Create the file: registration.php with content as this:

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is define path to child theme.

5. Create the file: composer.json with content as this:


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