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Wholesale and B2B order in Magento 2 in a few clicks

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    Default Wholesale and B2B order in Magento 2 in a few clicks

    After searching for product in category page or search result page in Magento 2, wholesale buyers have to click on add to cart and provide information like quantity and options for each of them. This make the purchase process more complicated and less friendly.

    Add Multiple Products To Cart for Magento 2 is the solution that you have been looking for to simplify this procedure:

    • Select multiple products to cart at one time by using checkbox, quantity box and “Add all to Cart” button.

    Name:  magento-2-add-multiple-products-to-cart-list-view.png
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    • Customized with Ajax popup function.

    Name:  magento-2-add-multiple-products-to-cart-selection-popup.png
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    • Display a success popup including product details with checkout link and buttons for next actions of customers.

    Name:  magento-2-add-multiple-products-to-cart-success-popup.png
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    • Can be applied for any place in Magento 2 store such as product list pages, homepage, wishlist, compare…

    VISIT US to view the live demo and get more support!

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    Highly recommend for wholesale business. My buyers sent me tons of good feadback about the checkbox and the popup function. It helps saving lots of time.


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