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10+ Best Magento 2.1 Extensions

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    Default 10+ Best Magento 2.1 Extensions

    10+ Best Magento 2.1 Extensions

    Name:  10-Best-Highly-Advanced-extension-1.jpg
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    If you are looking for extensions that compatible with magento CE version 2.1,
    our list of magento 2.1 extensions will be useful for you.

    1. Magento 2 Blog Extension

    Magento 2 Blog Extension brings you the best solution for you to create a blog without
    integrating the third party extension. Moreover, lets you present the information in the
    most attractive way : Multiple Layout, Mobile Optimized, Related, Video, Available search,
    archive, recent posts, categories sidebar, multiple styles, multiple stores, owl Carousel,
    multiple layouts, design option, 14+ Social Networks, like/dislike button, author profile,..

    Name:  1.1.jpg
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    • Mobile Optimized
    • Related posts widget Supported
    • Easily arrange posts in each category.
    • SEO Optimized
    • Display Images or Video( Youtube/Vimeo)
    • Multiple Magento Stores Supported
    • Multiple Comment Types Supported
    • Multiple layouts types
    • Touch Optimized Owl Carousel
    • [New] Multiple post styles
    • [New] Multiple Color, Background color, Border color
    • [New] Showcase Author Profile
    • [New] 14+ Social Networks Integrated
    • [New] Add vote: like/dislike buttons

    2. Magento 2 Social Login

    Magento 2 Social Login Extension helps customers to login via 15+ social network
    without complex register process. Hence, your customer can log in, stay and focus
    on their shopping with ease.

    Name:  1.2.jpg
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    - Quick Ajax Login
    - Multiple Styles & Template
    - Support 15+ social networks:
    - Easy to customize
    - Advanced Report
    - Email, Address
    - Display Customer Photo
    - Send Welcome Email
    - Display On Any Position & Pages
    - Improve Your Conversion Rates
    - Update customer information easily
    - Popover Login Form, Popup form with fancy box
    - Supports the standard registration
    - Collect Rich Customer Profile Data: Name, Gender,
    - Provide Secure Way to Login and Register Account
    - Compatible with Custom & Third party Magento 2 themes

    3. Magento 2 Testimonials

    Our advanced magento 2 testimonials help you showcase and manage customer’s
    testimonials in the most professional way. Currently, we support 16 premade styles for you.
    You can freely choose one of the themes as you want. Let’s attract more customer and
    enhance your site incredibility with our extension.

    Name:  1.3.jpg
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    - Show Testimonials With 16 Styles
    - Support “Submit Form”
    - Widget Support: Place in any position
    - Show all testimonials on nice page
    - List of testimonials for each product
    - Admin can manage testimonial easily
    - Arrange review for each product
    - Display Testimonials with Touch Optimized OWL Slider

    4. Magento 2 Order Tracking

    If your customers are worried because they already paid but the product has not arrived yet.
    Help them track order in real with our magento 2 order tracking extension. As you may know,
    magento 2 order tracking help you reduce customer’s concern, enhance your store’s credibility
    and customer’s trust significantly.

    Name:  1.4.jpg
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    - Mobile & tablet Optimized
    - Reorder without login
    - Multi-Language Support
    - Track order information Without Login
    - Easily track order summary in the front end
    - Place anywhere with widget support
    - Tracking order link available in main menu /top link
    - Support for all the Magento Product Types
    - Display custom messages if order is not found
    - Track magento 2 order status in the blink of an eye


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    Magento 2 Track Order

    Our popular Magento Extension now available in Magento 2. Increase significance and usability of your Magneto e-store with Track Order Extension. It will allow your customers to track their consignments easily and accurately without signing in.

    Name:  magento_trace_order-m2.jpg
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    Customer just have to add order number and registered email address, after adding these the system will display all the details of the order with latest whereabouts of product. It will also have the link to the website of the shipping company which has shipped the order. It will allow customers to track the status of the order by directly going to the shipping partner's site.

    Magento 2 StarTrack Shipping

    If you are in search of an extension which fetches real time rates for StarTrack shipping services available in Australia for your Magento online store then opt for StarTrack Shipping Extension developed by Biztech specifically for Australian Store Owners.

    Name:  star-track-shipping-m2.jpg
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    Set up this fully functional extension on your store and show the precise rates of StarTrack shipping service for various destinations within Australia.

    Magento 2 Easy Site Maintenance

    Sometimes you may want to put your magento store on maintenance mode due to some technical or server related issues, or you may want to update or change some feature or theme of your website. This is when Easy Site Maintenance extension can be used to inform your clients about the ongoing maintenance.

    Name:  magento_easy_site_maintenance_m2.jpg
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    With this extension, you can put your store under maintenance mode with many configuration options. Given below is a list of all the important features.

    Magento 2 Advance Shop By Brand / Manufacturer

    We, at Biztech, have rolled out a new release of Shop by Brand Magento 2 extention that will enable you to add brand/manufacturer details for all your store products. Managing brands of your products from the admin side has never been so easy!

    Name:  advacne-shop-by-brand-m2.png
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Size:  164.8 KB

    Shop by Brand Magento 2 Extension allows your store customers to shop products based on their brand preferences. As a store admin it allows you to add brand attribute to your products and show them in the front end with all the brand details. Customers can also filter products by brand on category pages.

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    still haven't fixed the issue with breadcrumbs in Magento 2?

    Let your Magento 2 show breadcrumbs on additional pages, display full breadcrumbs path, and add google's structured data markup to show rich snippets for breadcrumbs.

    Magento 2 Advanced Breadcrumbs extension

    Still paying for the specific payment methods your customers use?

    Surcharge your customers for using expensive payment methods, add extra charge to grand total, use fixed or percentage fees with help of our module for Magento 2

    Magento 2 Payment Fees extension

    Do you have multiple stores and your customers from different countries still have to switch store view manually?

    Use the power of MaxMind's GeoIP2 database with our Magento 2 extension to automatically redirect your visitors to their local store, convert prices, and to block separate IP's and countries

    Magento 2 GeoIP Store & Currency Auto Switcher extension

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    The ease of login or register process will inevitably encourage customer to interact more with your site. While traditional sign up form might drive customers to bounce out immediately due to the complication and amount of time they have to spend on that step, login with social media method can give them more incentive to sign up on your site. Since many people tend to forget the information they used for signup like email, username and password, social login function will help them get rid of remembering all above information.
    Magento 2 Ajax Social Login extension allows users to easily sign in/ register an account through their social accounts without having to fill in long form on site. Get more info!

    1. Allow customer to sign in through social media accounts
    Name:  pop-up_to_sign_up_with_social_account.png
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Size:  486.9 KB

    2. Flexibly place social login block as wish
    Name:  social_block_at_header_.png
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Size:  320.1 KB

    3. Support unlimited social accounts

    4. Display Ajax pop-up for login and register
    Name:  pop-up.png
Views: 51
Size:  81.5 KB

    5. Add reCaptcha test into login and register process

    6. Freely decide the page redirected after login

    Start using Ajax Social Login to speed up login process now! Free installation, Free update available!

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    According to recent survey, 92% of users will leave a site instead of resetting or recovering login info. How to keep your customer engagement on site? Check out the perfect extension for social login >>
    Within a click, customers can register a new account on website without having to manually fill in the long registration form. By simply granting your website system access to their social media accounts, customers can sign in or register quickly and easily through social login block or ajax popup.

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    I want to add one more in it.

    Brush Your Ideas is a comprehensive product design suite full of powerful features to transform any online store into a creative studio where products can be designed and sent instantly for printing.

    Name:  BYI Logo (361*361).png
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Size:  46.4 KB

    CREATIVE DESIGNER TOOL: Allow your customers to explore their creativity and give personal touch to their products with the creative designer tool using words, slogans, pictures and cliparts.
    MULTIPLE PRINTING METHODS: With Brush Your Ideas get support for any printing method that you need. So whether you are a Screen Printer or DTG Printer we’ll be always there to support your printing business
    FULLY RESPONSIVE: While making our designer tool, we have taken utmost care to make sure it works with any device. So no matter how your customers access your store, they can still design their products with ease
    VARIOUS ORDER FORMATS: With Brush Your Ideas print your orders in various formats like PNG, JPG, SVG & PDF to get stupendous printing.
    CUSTOMIZABLE TOOL: We will help you customize the product designer tool as per your requirements. We have experience working with various industries and incorporate your custom features in the best way possible
    FREE INSTALLATION: We will help you install Brush Your Ideas into your system without any installation charges. So if you run into any problem during installation of we’ll always be there to bail you out

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    We have Reorder Product List for Magento 2 with its pretty useful features:
    - Allow customers to reorder products which they have purchased previously.
    - Show a list of ordered product with all information: SKU, product image, price, ordered quantity, stock status, quantity box to reorder.
    - Enable to add multiple ordered products to cart and redirect to checkout.
    - Support adding multiple purchased items to wishlist
    - Work well with all types of product.


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    Thanks for sharing...
    Check out some more here: Latest and Useful Magento 2 Extensions

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    I recommend the best Magento 2 extension which helps customers reorder previously purchased items at ease.
    Try Reorder Product List for Magento 2 for its great features!

    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Greetings! Thank you for sharing!

    You may try these important and powerful plugins for Magento 2 that will help to promote your online business, and build long-term relationships with clients.

    More information:

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    One of the best Magento 2 extensions for websites is One Step Checkout extension that can simplify checkout steps to enhance shopping experience.

    + Display all elements for checking out in only 1 page so that customers can complete it easier without experiencing many steps

    + Auto detect customer places and autocomplete customer addresses by Google Suggest when they just type some letters

    + Auto update information when related ones change: update order review when shipping methods change, update shipping methods when shipping addresses change and update billing addresses when shipping addresses change

    + Allow customers to choose their dates and times to receive orders and also leave comments

    + Support multiple payment methods

    + Add more options to the checkout page such as discount code, gift message and newsletter subscription

    + Show delivery date and delivery comment information in the order details

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    Thank you for sharing!

    you can also visit our site to get more updates on ecommerce, Magento 2 Extension.

    - Australia post shipping extension for magento 2 allows store customers to ship parcels and letters online by fetching live shipment rates from Australia post.

    - Delivery date scheduler extension for Magento 2 allow online store customers to choose their purchased products order delivery date & time as per their convenience from a set of allowed dates.

    - StarTrack shipping extension in magento 2 fetch shipping services and corresponding rates as per the products' dimensions and attract more Australian customers.

    - Magento order tracking extension allows magento 2 store customers to track the status of orders & shipments accurately with order number and email address without signing in.

    - Manage your Magento 2 store backend from mobile with MageMob Admin extension & mobile app package. Manage products, check order details, track order fulfilment - all from your mobile app!

    - Language translator extension for Magento 2 translates all Magento2 store content to any languages and make your Magento 2.0 store into multi language store.

    - Magento 2 inventory management software allows ecommerce store owner to manage store inventory, keep track of stocks, control warehouses, manage suppliers & orders, etc.

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    Hi ,

    Thanks for the info!

    I also recommend the below extension from Modulebazaar

    Magento 2 GST Extension

    The word ‘TAX’ to get replaced by the word ‘GST’ in all transactional emails and pdf files.
    Generate reports of GST collected separately for CGST, SGST and IGST.
    Follows Magento Tax Rules architecture, hence works out of the box without conflicts.
    Automatic tax splits for SGST, CGST and IGST based on the production state and tax rules.
    Multi-store support: Enable GST logic only to required stores.
    Separate columns for SGST, CGST and IGST in the admin panel area for Order and Invoice management.
    All invoices, orders and their respective PDFs are attached with GST number.
    Optional buyer level GSTIN included in invoice.
    Option to display HSN value in invoice.
    Full solution to manage GST as per government rules for any kind of scenario, product categories and tax slabs.
    GST compliant invoices including PDF and emails.


    RMA provides full control over various areas of return merchandise authorization process.
    provides several options for the customer (or guest) to create a new request.
    Following that, a customer has all the necessary tools to monitor request processing and interact with store personnel.
    store personnel is provided with a straightforward, step by step process for dealing with return merchandise authorisation requests

    Admin Email NOTIFIER

    With Admin Email Notifier reaching full control of your store is a matter of few clicks. All you need is to open the Admin Notifier main (and only) window and mark the types of events you’d like to stay in the know. Save and close. Now everything which matters to you will go straight to your inbox allowing you to view the information about this event immediately. Has a new order been placed? View the sum, customer’s name, and status. A customer left a negative review? Resolve the issue without putting it on the back burner until other customers would read it and change their purchase decision. The extension is simple yet solves two major problems every administrator faces: You don’t have to run your Magento admin panel in the background all the time to make sure you are not missing something important. You ARE NOT missing anything important! In addition, for each type of event, you may choose a template and specify a separate email address. Thus if you have multiple admin users, you may rest assured that only the right people in your team are alerted about the right event.

    Magento 2 Instagram User Feed

    Instagram Feed Magento Extension

    Add your business’ Instagram feed to your Web Store! Show your Instagram feed images and videos on any page or post in a static block using this widget.
    Display your feed in grid view on any page or blog post. The widget can be placed on as many pages as you like with a very simple process. Web store owner has the flexibility to place the widget at any location on the Web page.
    Free installation support is provided to make sure the store owners are able to install and set up the extension in no time.

    Other features of the extension are listed below:

    1. Add Your Instagram feeds to any page or post in a static block.
    2. Show Recent feeds with an option to limit the number of elements to be displayed.
    3. Very light extension for page load as no additional jquery is added.
    4. Uses cache to further improve page load time.
    5. An easy to follow installation guide is provided for setting up and configuring the extension. Free support is extended to address any challenges.
    5. Ongoing Updates.
    6. Simplified Auth process

    Social Login

    The features of social login are listed below:
    Select login pages Screen - Default options include login, registration, shopping cart, and checkout pages
    Customer account - may be created via social network login
    Existing store -account may be linked to social network profile
    Social login buttons - available at customer login and checkout pages
    Social networks - Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Google, Pinterest,,, and PayPal are available login options
    Social account data Screen - All social IDs, along with social account emails, are assembled in a table with an export option
    Linking existing account - A customer has an option to add a social network account to his existing customer account
    Support - Extension documentation and customer support are accessible from within the extension
    Functional tests to make extension modification easier

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    Magento 2 Customer Attributes Extension

    Name:  additional-custom-registration-fields-_-attributes.png
Views: 8
Size:  48.0 KB

    Magento 2 Size Chart Extension

    Name:  SizeChart.png
Views: 8
Size:  61.0 KB

    Magento 2 Gift Wrap Extension

    Name:  gift-wrap.png
Views: 8
Size:  43.0 KB

    Magento 2 Add Invoice Email Field to Checkout Extension

    Name:  magento 2 invoice email extension fme.png
Views: 8
Size:  41.0 KB

    Magento 2 Maintenance Mode Extension

    Name:  500 500.png
Views: 8
Size:  166.6 KB

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    Great extensions. Thanks for this sharing.
    Below are 4 Magento 2 extensions I want to suggest:

    1. Blue Form Builder

    A user-friendly Magento 2 form builder extension that is:
    - Easy and fast: Drag and drop, 10+ templates, 30+ drag and drop elements (including file upload, reCaptcha, Google Maps, etc.)
    - Powerful: Email notifications, form embedding, multi-page forms, advanced validation, plugin integrations, form layouts and styles, form pre-filling.
    Video about Magento 2 form builder extension.
    View form builder Magento 2 extension on Marketplace.

    2. Ninja Menus

    Create navigation menus effortlessly with drag and drop Magento 2 Mega Menu. Support 3 types of menu: horizontal, vertical, and accordion. 7 elements for eye-catching menus.
    Video on this extension:

    3. Magento 2 Shop By Brand

    Magento 2 Shop By Brand lets customers find wanted products quickly based on brand. Support brand listing page and brand detailed page. Filter products by brand in layered navigation. Also add block of featured brands anywhere.

    4. Magento 2 Lazy Load

    Magento 2 Lazy Load helps Magento 2 sites load up to 70% faster by loading images and videos until they enter the viewport. Create smooth loading transition with blurred preview images or uploaded placeholder images.

    Attached Images Attached Images     

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