As I know, Transfer 3DCart to OpenCart has become hot trend in recent year. I found many topics about looking for effective solution to move data from 3dCart to OpenCart. Here is an example.

I'm looking to transfer an online store from 3DCart to OpenCart. The store has about 300 products. I'd like to transfer all product descriptions and images. Please PM me if you have experience with this. I also want a custom social "like product" system written, where a user can "like" a product and the product gets more points. (I know this is easier to do with openCart than with Magento for example)

There are 14 bids for this projects. Some freelancers offer price at $1000 in 17 days. It is very surprised when I see 3dCart to OpenCart migration supportd with $200 ($69 in basic price and addition cost). I think the last result is the same, however the price is too different between two projects. You can check and 3dCart to OpenCart migration of LitExtension to compare and choose the best way for your business.

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