We know you want to give your customers nothing less than the best shopping experience. Giving your site a one page checkout is an easy and simple way to improve it’s usability and navigability, helping you boost your conversions and increase the number of returning clients. How is this possible?

A one page checkout gives your customers a more user friendly experience. It’s easier to use, it gives buyers a clear visibility and integral presentation of all their orders and information, design and languages can be customized and they can load saved contact information. Comfortable and simple.

One page checkouts mean speed, what everyone wants these days. Fewer steps mean less navigation, which means less clicks, which means less loading time for each page. Save your customers time and speed them up to order confirmation and reduce abandoned shopping carts.

Luxury fashion magento 2 theme, our latest theme for Magento, comes with the option of using one page checkout. The theme offers compatibility with the most popular one page checkout extension on the market for Magento stores. It’s 100% free and used by many Magento stores in the world. Download it now and boost your store’s conversions today!

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