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[Migration] to Transfer NopCommerce to OpenCart

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    Lightbulb [Migration] to Transfer NopCommerce to OpenCart

    nopCommerce is an open source eCommerce platform free for download. Extensions and third-party applications can be purchased as add-ons. Beside, OpenCart is all-in-one system that is expected to be ease of use, simple to implement and design.

    OpenCart supports integrations with the many business systems and applications such as MYOB Account Right, PayPal,, SagePay, Skrill, FedEx, UPS, WFDS, PayZippy, Coghlan, eStore, Discount, ShipWire, Mailchimp, Next Logistics, FreshBooks, Eurostop and so on. NopCommerce has some limitation in intergrations with other systems.

    Migrate NopCommerce to OpenCart:
    1. Preparation to move NopCommerce to OpenCart
    • Permission to login backend of OpenCart and NopCommerce
    • Permission for Cart migration to connect to OpenCart and NopCommerce

    2. Setup OpenCart migration extension
    • Extract the ZIP file downloaded from LitExtension store to get 2 folders ‘cartmigration’ and ‘cartmigration_connector’
    • Install Cart Migration
    • Install Connector for OpenCart
    • Export data from NopCommerce to CSV files

    3. Run Migration process
    4. Migration Resuming

    >>NopCommerce to OpenCart is a smart e-commerce solution that supports users to export existing store data from NopCommerce and import to OpenCart automatically<<

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