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Delete Unused Images extension is used to find unwanted images from the server and it also delete from the server.

This extension is used for all store owner who importing product data again and again, but sometimes when import process fail and image already uploaded in pub / media directory and when you try to re-import products Magento re-import product image instead of using previous images. It means previous images stored forever in server space without any usage. Suppose you have 100 images in server without any usage and its size is around 200-300 MB then you can guess how it consumes space for large catalogue.

This extension is also used when we delete any product from Magento, Magento delete only product from database, not its Image. It means when you try to delete large number of product from Magento setup, it's Image there (In media directory) forever without any usage and product deletion is the frequent step for any store owner. So we can easily say that in media directory lots of unwanted images exist.

To overcome this problem we at Shreeji Infosys provide an extension Delete Unused Images which allow store owner to find unwanted images from pub/media/catalog/product directory. This extension finds only those images which are not exist database from pub/media/catalog/product directory. Also merchant can setup CRON job to find this type of unwanted images. Please go through below some highlighted feature for extension.

For more Info : Delete Unused Images Magento 2

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