As store owner, you may run into many situations when price of certain products need to be hidden, for example fluctuated prices of customized product, price of products that are currently unavailable, prices depending on order quantity, prices of service products, price that need to verified by phone… However, you only want to hide price of certain products, all products in a category or hide product price for some customer groups and replace the Add to Cart button with Call For Price button or CTA message to encourage customers to give contact information or directly phone, email you for price.
BSSCommerce is pleased to introduce one solution to all of the above requirements: Advanced Hide Price for Magento 2. TRY DEMO.
- Flexibly hide price of a particular product, a certain category, or for a specific customer group.
- Hide price and replace Add to Cart button with Call For Price button which link to Inquiry form in AJAX popup for customer to submit price request.
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- Hide price and replace Add to Cart button with a custom CTA message to encourage customer interaction
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- Present customer requests in Customer Inquiry List with options to view detailed information of request and send email to customers
- Automatically send email notify admin of customer request. Different email templates available.
- Different templates available for email answering customer request
- Easy to configure in backend with display of two main configs, including Call For Price Config and Hide Price Config with customizable text and capability to apply for different categories and customer groups
- Support all Magento product types: simple, configurable, grouped, bundle, virtual, downloadable products
- Compatible with multiple store views
Check it out for Free Installation, Free Update, Free Support!

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