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Should I upgrade Magento 1.9 to 2.0?

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    Cool Should I upgrade Magento 1.9 to 2.0?

    Is it the best time to upgrade magento 1.9 to 2.0?

    Magento 2 is the last version of the most popular open source eCommerce platform in the world. It empowers B2B and B2C businesses providing omnichannel shopping experiences, better performance and scalability, unmatched flexibility, new features and innovation opportunities for developers.

    The major improvements announced in Magento 2 Release Candidate are:
    • User-friendly Approach
    • Streamlined checkout
    • Trendy Technologies
    • Performance Enhancement
    • New shopper experience features
    • Framework Improvements
    • Quality extensions for Magento 2

    Come back to the first question on the title, I think you can upgrade store data to magento 2 now. You can follow Magento 2 upgrade to upgrade store data from old version to magento 2 quickly and effectively.

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    Hello there,

    The world is moving online! and the ecommerce is became one of the significant cause to look forward for your business.
    There is no need to write introductory part, when we talk about magento and ecommerce. Am I right?!

    Magento is biggest open source platform which covered almost all aspects related to ecommerce. When the talk comes to upgrading Magento from 1 to 2, there are lot more notable benefits which draws your attention. Keep your store up-to-date with the functionality to get benefited by Magento 2.

    Good Luck Ahead!

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    If you has a plan not to get left behind or stay with magento 1.x. It’s time to change. If you are wonder whether it worth to upgrade magento 1.9 to magento 2 or not, I will say it would be? Today I will give you some reasons for that.

    Compare Magento 1 vs magento 2.

    *** Enhanced Performance & Scalability in Magento 2

    - Magento 2 deliver speed with the incredibly fast page load time for home, category and product pages (<1.5 second per page) on first view. And even faster time when the pages will catch (<0.75 second per page)
    - Each step has checkout process designed for page tool (< 1.9 seconds per step) you can convert more sale
    - Provide better shopper experience by minimizing and bundling javascript, compressing images and by integrating Varnish cache for better site performance
    - Magento also has scale to help you handle your busiest days. Magento support 3.5 million page view per hour and more than 250,00 orders per hour
    You can go big for magento thanks to use database for order management, catalog and checkout

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