As Magento default, we can only set up different prices, group prices and tier prices for the whole website, not for the level of store views. Therefore, it is difficult for Magento store owners who want to sell their products with particular prices in each store views to optimize costs or other purposes for the local market. Understand this drawback of default, an extension called Magento Multiple Store View Pricing is developed so that store owners can easily have their own pricing for each product at the level of store view.

  • Set up different prices, group prices and tier prices of a product in various Magento store views

    + Prices in English store view:

    Name:  price_in_english_store_view-magento_multiple_store_view_pricing_3.png
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    + Price in French store view:

    Name:  Price_in_french_store_view-magento_multiple_store_view_pricing.png
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  • Set up base currency for each store view so that customers can conveniently checkout with their store view currencies

  • In the backend: Set up prices of a product in English store view

Name:  set_up_product_price_english_store_view-magento_multiple_store_view_pricing_1.png
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Therefore, Magento Multiple Store View Pricing is a very useful extension for all store owners to make particular pricing strategies for local market which can help them to increase sales effectively.

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