Along with deferring parsing of JavaScript, full page caching is also a very useful way to reduce loading time and speed up Magento site most effectively. With Magento Full Page Cache extension, we can easily solve problems related to caches that requires much servers load in order to enhance user experience and reduce abandon rate of Magento sites.
Let's see what Magento Full Page Cache can contribute to site improvement:

  • Improve site performance and reduce loading time
  • New multi-level cache to serve pages even faster
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  • Support MULTIPLE currencies/stores/languages
  • Support mobile themes
  • Easily access to cache custom pages
  • Simple installation – Unzip, empty cache, and enable via the Magento admin panel
  • Apply on any server

Therefore, Magento Full Page Cache is really a good extension to reduce database load on the server and bring better user experience when visiting Magento sites.

Check it out for FREE Installation, FREE Support and Update!

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