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Only $39.00 to grab Admin Product Preview Plus with the best preview functions

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    Default Only $39.00 to grab Admin Product Preview Plus with the best preview functions

    You may realize the inconvenience of Magento default as it does not allow to preview page from admin panel. The process of running back and forth between backend and frontend to make changes, save configuration, go to frontend and find the modified page can be very inefficient and time consuming.
    Admin Product Preview Plus provides the ideal solution to your issue with the following features and functions:
    • Link to frontend Product Page, view customer account from Sales Order Grid
    Name:  admin_product_preview_plus-order_grid.png
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Size:  216.7 KB
    • Link to customer location on Google map in shipping address from Sales Order Grid
    Name:  google_map-magento_admin_product_preview_plus_1.png
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Size:  498.3 KB
    • Allow to preview from Product Grid View and Product Edit Page
    • Enable preview buttons for Manage Category Page and CMS Page
    • Compatible with all product types supported by Magento
    • Support multiple store and multiple store view
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    Nice extension for the price of $39.00. It is really worth my payment. All preview features work well as described and no bug detected till now.

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    When configuring in the backend, the admin may want to check the display in the frontend of the changes they have made. Unfortunately Magento 2 default does not allow such preview functions. Admin Product Preview Plus is created to fulfill that need by providing convenient preview features, including both frontend preview and backend preview. With preview buttons located on the Edit Page or Grid Page, the admin can have instant access to frontend pages to check the display of Product Pages, Category Pages, and CMS Pages after configuring in the backend. VISIT HERE!
    Most importantly, the preview features are also integrated in the extended Sales Order Grid, which makes it easier to check information and see frontend Product Pages of ordered items. Admin can also use Log-in button to log in as customer account in the frontend while setting up in the backend, which contributes to better customer account management. Supposed that admins find any error while checking frontend page, they can click Edit Page to instantly navigate to backend Edit Page of the current page.

    1. Preview frontend product, category pages from the backend

    2. Add information of ordered products in extended Order Grid
    Name:  admin_product_preview_plus_m2_sale_order_grid_1_1.png
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    3. Allow admin to login as customer in the frontend
    Name:  admin_product_preview_plus_m2_log_in_customer_account.png
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Size:  223.4 KB

    4. Link to backend Edit pages from the frontend (can be applied for product page, category page, CMS page, static block and customer page)

    Start your purchase to grab Admin Product Preview Plus for Magento 2 with only $59.00

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    Hello there, I used to look for an extension with preview functions. When carrying admin tasks, I want to quickly check the display of frontend pages after setting up in the backend. But normal process would take me a lot of time because I will have to open the frontend site in a new tab and search for the page I have just made modifications in the backend to check. This extension is the perfect solution for my need. I can now cut down all the unnecessary steps and switch between the frontend and backend by just a click. Thank you for the great post.
    Highly recommend for admin >>

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