You may realize the inconvenience of Magento default as it does not allow to preview page from admin panel. The process of running back and forth between backend and frontend to make changes, save configuration, go to frontend and find the modified page can be very inefficient and time consuming.
Admin Product Preview Plus provides the ideal solution to your issue with the following features and functions:
• Link to frontend Product Page, view customer account from Sales Order Grid
Name:  admin_product_preview_plus-order_grid.png
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• Link to customer location on Google map in shipping address from Sales Order Grid
Name:  google_map-magento_admin_product_preview_plus_1.png
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• Allow to preview from Product Grid View and Product Edit Page
• Enable preview buttons for Manage Category Page and CMS Page
• Compatible with all product types supported by Magento
• Support multiple store and multiple store view
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