Magento 2 continues to prove the power of the leading e-commerce platform in the e-commerce with the radicaly increase of active store's number. Users of Magento 1.8 ànd 1.9, the last versions of Magento 1.x have trend to upgrade magento 2 to update new features, new extensions for online business. Upgrade magento 1.8 to 2.0 is smart e-commerce solution to upgrade database (products, customers, orders, categories, taxes, product reviews, product URLs, currency) from old version to Magento 2. The strongest point of the solution is automated migration between magento 1.8 and magento 2, so it limits errors of loosing data.

>>Magento upgrade guide<<

Here is an overview about this Magento upgrade extension. It is developed to upgrade magento 1.8 to lastest version when Magento 2 is released and more and more people have demand to move magento to magento 2.

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There are 5 main steps to set up and run magento migration tool successfully.

1. Preparing
For Source Store:
  • Please ensure you have the right permission to upload files into your Source Store
  • It must not block access from Target Store to the connector.

Source Store can operate normally during migration as it requires a very limited resource for the process.

For Target Store:
  • Target Store should be placed in a stable hosting or in local host.
  • It also must not block connection to Source Store.
  • Webserver (mostly apache) should have full permission to write on /media folder.
  • PHP Compatibility: PHP 5.3 or later

See detailed information about Magento upgrade steps.

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