Your Magento website has two store views: English and French and you want to give different promotion for each store view for particular objectives. However, Magento default just supports setting up shopping cart price rules for the whole website, not for store views. It means once you set a shopping cart price rule, it will be applied for all store view and you cannot create a certain rule to use for ENglish store view and another one for French store view. Therefore, it becomes a drawback of Magento default and limit store owners to make different promotions for store views.

To solve this drawback, an extension called Magento Shopping Cart Rule per Store View is developed and brings great benefits for all store owners

  • Easily set up different shopping cart price rule for each store view. For example, you can see the two following images showing how different shopping cart price rules are applied in 2 store views of a website:

    + Set a rule "20% discount for $300 and above orders" for English store view and it is applied as below:

    Name:  magento_shopping_cart_price_rule-english.png
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Size:  32.0 KB

    + Set another rule "10% discount for $300 and above orders" for French store view:

    Name:  french-magento_shopping_cart_price_rule_per_store_view.png
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Size:  31.1 KB

  • Easily set up in the backend. A new condition of Store View is added in the drop-down list of all condition

    Name:  4.choose_condition.png
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Size:  97.3 KB

With these great features of Magento Shopping Cart Price Rule per Store View, we believe that all store owners do not have any troubles when they want to have particular promotion strategies for local markets

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