As a Magento store owner, there are some products that you want to see them at different prices for various store views because of some issues related to pricing strategies or costs. However, it is difficult that Magento default just allows you to set up prices (prices, group prices and tier prices) of a product at the level of website and apply for all stores and store views of the website. Therefore, to sell a product at various prices in store views, you need a support from an extension called Magento Multiple Store View Pricing which can help store owners have suitable prices for products in particular store view of a store.

  • Set up different prices, group prices and tier prices of a product in store views. You can see the two following image to see in more details:

    Product prices in English store view:

    Name:  price_in_english_store_view-magento_multiple_store_view_pricing_3.png
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    Product prices in French store view:

    Name:  Price_in_french_store_view-magento_multiple_store_view_pricing.png
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  • Set up base currency for each store view which can enable customers to checkout with store view currency.

Magento default sets US Dollars as a base currency and even though you buy with any currency, you will checkout with US Dollars. Therefore, this module can help customers to easily pay with their own currencies.

Name:  checkout_with_store_view_currency-magento_multiple_store_view_pricing.png
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With these outstanding features of Magento Multiple Store View Pricing, store owners can freely sell similar products with their own pricing for each local market without any difficulties.

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